‘Racism On The Basis Of Colour, Nationality, Religion Or Ethnicity Is Not Acceptable’


This morning.

A joint statement has been released from the Professional Footballers Association of Ireland and the Irish and British branches of Show Racism the Red Card, in support of Stoke City player James McClean, from Derry, who refused to wear the poppy when his side faced Middlesborough last Sunday.

Mr McClean was warned yesterday by the English Football Association over a post he wrote on Instagram in which he responded to critics over his refusal to wear a poppy.

Yesterday: FA issue warning to James McClean over language (RTE)

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Via Gavan Reilly

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18 thoughts on “‘Racism On The Basis Of Colour, Nationality, Religion Or Ethnicity Is Not Acceptable’

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Isn’t this the sport where they throw sterling pound coins at black players on the pitch? Racism is rampant in soccer.

      1. Rob_G

        Is it really sexist to call someone a c-word? I wouldn’t really consider it misandrist to call a man a d|ck or a pr|ck, for example.

          1. rotide

            I call people those words all the time.

            Nothing sexist about any of them. Rude/impolite maybe but sexist no

    1. Dub Spot

      Post-Brexit they’ll have a new “special” coin to throw to express their racism. How appropriate.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    I think the reaction of most fans in Britain would be James Who ? He is after all a bargain basement journeyman.
    However I would suggest that,the usual knuckle-draggers apart,British football like most other European countries,has done much to stamp out racism in their sport.
    Occasional incidents do happen but thankfully they’re in a minority.
    I think the warning to McClean was an attempt to defuse the situation by asking him not to be abusive on social media.

    1. Nigel

      Dismisses the victim, minimises the abuse, places responsibility for the abuse on the victim. Absolutely classic.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Stoke,Wigan,Sunderland,West Brom – the only journey they go on is up and down the relegation zone.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    to be fair to them, the english FA are doing more than any other association to deal with racism and abuse etc. and it’s working – you get isolated incidents at english grounds, but stewards are on it as quickly as possible. and there’s almost no tolerance for it from others. it’s a big change from even 10 or 15 years ago.

    the situation in spain and italy, in particular, is very different. i wouldn’t take a child to a football match in spain or italy. i’ve witnessed 90 full minutes of monkey grunting and banana throwing with stewards, police and other spectators ignoring it. it’s not much better in scotland.

  4. Nullzero

    Anti Irish slurs are the last acceptable form Xenophobia (we never seem to use the word racism correctly) in Britain. The British have been conditioned to see the Irish as a sub species of lower intelligence than that of the average Briton, Nemanja Matic gave some vague reason for not wearing a poppy which didn’t really make any sense and there was nothing said about it. Once the ruddy paddy refuses to wear a poppy it’s potatoes this paddy’s that.

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