I Saw Them Standing There


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Middle Abbey Road Street, Dublin 1

Spaghetti Hoop writes;

Yesterday’s unveiling of The Beatles plaque to commemorate The Beatles concert in Dublin 55 years ago today outside of Arnotts. Gay Byrne and Lord Mayor in attendance….

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19 thoughts on “I Saw Them Standing There

      1. scottser

        I actually thought you were conceived in a test tube and reared as the bastard son of victor meldrew and mary harney.. :)

  1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    I had an uncle who went to see them (can’t remember if it was this gig or one in England). He said he couldn’t hear any of the music over the screaming so it was pointless being there.

    1. Liam Knuj

      I passed it yesterday and didn’t realise it was new. They must have veiled it then unveiled it.

    2. Liam Deliverance

      Yeah, I was thinking the same, could they not have a got a piece of stone to match the facade?

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