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“Yesterday, COVID-19 seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though it’s here to stay,
Oh I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, there’s not half the shops there used to be,
And there’s slippers where my shoes should be,
Oh yesterday, came suddenly.

Why it had to grow, I don’t know,
We couldn’t say,
While we stay at home,
How I long for yesterday.

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play,
My girlfriend lives more than 2k away
Oh how I long for yesterday.

Why it had to grow, I don’t know,
We couldn’t say,
While I stay at home,
How I long for yesterday.

Anyway, we have lots and lots of games to play,
And we have a place to hide away,
Tomorrow there’ll be brighter days.’

Kevin Herm Connolly – Yesterday 2020

Kevin writes:

 My Dad came up with the idea and we finished it together (remotely) over the last few days. I thought it would be fun to record and share :)

In fairness.

This morning.

Abbey Road, London.

Marty Whelan (top) writes:

Thrilled to bits to be able to bring my original Abbey Road album back to the source at Studio 2, Abbey Road where it was recorded 50 years ago….


This morning.

Liza Geddes writes:

[Dublin’s] Girl Band. Bigger than The Beatles?!

Girl Band

The Cronins –  A Day In The Life

A cover version of the Beatles track as tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s 50th anniversary.

Mick Cronin muses –

I know you shouldn’t go there and try and cover this but we did.

We are Beatles freaks so decided to spend a few hours last Thursday 31st May to record and film this with the intention of putting it out on the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper on June 1st.

The Cronins

Yesterday: It Was Five Days Ago Today