Let All The Children Boogie


Jack Lukeman with the National Children’s Choir Starman

The Bowie classic sung by Jack Lukeman (Blackrock Castle Observatory music patron) and the National Children’s Choir together with the Trinity String Orchestra.

Starman is available on all digital platforms from tomorrow, Friday November 9 to coincide with Science Week. All proceeds in aid of Lauralynn Children’s Hospice.

Decent cover, in fairness.


Jack Lukeman

4 thoughts on “Let All The Children Boogie

  1. Joan Burton

    Jack L though ! What a massive ****

    Behaves like he has Bono levels of fame and Bowie levels of talent

  2. Nilbert

    Will no-one think of the poor children!!

    Jack L is really awful though isn’t he? Like some sort of 5th rate Vegas crooner through the Simpson’s lense

    It takes some doing to make this song sound that bad.

  3. Mary Connolly

    Excellent, excellent. Great voice, never ever forced. Great orchestration and dynamics. I would say the Choir had a blast. They sound fab in unison and in parts. Great experience for all parties. Loved it when I heard it on Ray D’Arcy. David would love it. A Black Star that inspires us all. I despair for those who feel the need to insult Jack L. Now there, is a true Black Star….always bringing new depths, richness and incredible emotion to any song or any songwriter whom he has interpreted over the decades. True Voice.

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