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  1. Eoin

    “The former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations reportedly requested to unmask over 260 Americans in her last year in office with no explanation”

    How’s Sam getting on with the “unmasking” controversy in the US?

    When US intelligence services gathers intel and shares it with govt, they might say something like “our informant in Moscow told us A got a couple of hookers to pee on a bed”. The intel services don’t reveal identities of US citizens outside their own circle.

    “unmasking” is when the US govt asks the intel services to reveal the identity of “A” and there can be sound reasons for govt wanting to get specific identities. However, they have to formally make a request to the intel people for the “unmask”

    Acting during the Barack Obama presidential term, Sam asked for several identities, 260 in one year reportedly, to be “unmasked” and there is a suspicion in some quarters, this was done to damage Trump’s election prospects in 2016. Doubtless, Sam would deny any wrongdoing at all.

    She reportedly told a committee of the US govt last year, behind closed doors, that the “unmasking” requests were made under her name, but she didn’t make the requests.

    Did Sam abuse the “unmasking” process for pure party political purposes? She says she didn’t even make the unmasking requests, so she’d say a definite “no”, but the investigation continues.

    More on “unmasking” here.

  2. Dub Spot

    U.S. Foreign Policy executor.

    SO, expect a Tubridy and/or D’Arcy appearance. PR from the Montrose PR team shortly (no, wait, the trade unions sent everyone home early because of the rain and the canteen was out of sausages).


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