The Corridors Of Ingenuity


This afternoon.

National Transport Authority (NTA) HQ, Dublin 2

National Transport Authority CEO Anne Graham and Deputy CEO Hugh Creegan at a press conference outlining details of phase one of the Bus Connects Core Bus Corridors project.

The proposed network aims to deliver ‘230kms of dedicated bus lanes and 200kms of cycle tracks along 16 of the busiest corridors’ in Dublin.


…most of the existing bus routes that flow into the centre of Dublin would be reorganised into seven simple spines.

Spines are very frequent lines. With a bus coming every 4 to 8 minutes all day, and even more frequently at peak hours, there is always a bus coming soon.

This high frequency makes it very fast to connect from one spine to another, as well as to other frequent lines like DART, Luas and the frequent orbitals.


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5 thoughts on “The Corridors Of Ingenuity

  1. Giggidygoo

    She got her 15 minutes on drivetime this evening. A repeat of a similar appearance approx 4-5 months ago as far as i remember.
    Usual spin. Usual repetition of prompt notes.

    1. ReproButina

      Exactly. I don’t know why they can’t run a Luas down the middle of the M50 with bus stops at all the exits for routes to Blanch, Lucan, Tallaght, etc.

  2. topsy

    The A bus route is given as a example here. ie Swords to city centre. Supposedly will run very frequently.
    However the experience of people in Swords in relation to the current 41, 41A, 41C service is that busses frequently simply do not run/or not turn up; and people are left standing at bus stops. When Dublin bus is contacted to inquire as to why a bus did not turn up as per schedule the inevitable answer is “for operational reasons”, and that’s it. They don’t give a poo.

  3. scottser

    No matter where ive lived and worked in dublin, cycling is usually quicker than the bus. Buses in town especially are a mess. I reckon they should have feeder buses only in town, double deckers go to dart or luas stops. West dublin needs a tram or train service, as does the airport.

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