Staying In Tonight?


Is unfiltered chat your ‘thing’.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm streaming LIVE (above) and on our YouTube channel.

Join real people (not slick Prone-trained shills) as we pore over the news of the week from Ireland and ‘abroad’.

Topics under discussion will include Brexit, Repossessions, Tusla after Maurice and the thong consent protests in Cork and Dublin.

Some swearing.


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7 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

          1. Sibling of Daedalus

            Speaking as someone who has been commenting on this site from the very beginning, Rotide, I want to say that your relentless negativity towards the site and the people who run it is not just hurting those people, but also the others for whom this site has tirelessly campaigned, and affecting the enjoyment of the site by other people who have a more positive attitude towards it.

            I understand that someone may have a bad day but you are relentlessly negative despite great kindness and respect having been shown to you on a number of occasions. Anyone who googles your name and broadsheet will see a relentless and unremitting stream of daily comments along the same lines as the above.

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