Behold: the Draper from Land Ark – a high end mobile home complete with boot room, kitchen, utility, full sized shower room, various cleverly integrated nooks, cubbies, benches, wardrobes and a cosy sleeping loft – all finished in whitewashed pine. There’s also a fold-out hardwood deck accessed through sliding patio doors.

Yours for just over €128,000 (+ shipping).

Yes it does look like bit like a Jawa Sandcrawler.


17 thoughts on “Trailer Flash

  1. Starina

    Super cute. All that wood would smell nice, too.

    Fun fact: I nearly blew up my dad, his trailer and I the last time I visited him cos I can’t resist pushing a button and didn’t realise I’d shut off the flame but not the gas for the cooker.

    1. Pip

      It’s gorgeous and affordable compared to any oul bricks and mortar job.
      Seriously, though, anyone got any guidance/info on how one could actually go about siting one of these? Would be much appreciated.

  2. Martco

    it also looks like the new library in DL…which is that other thing that looks like a sandcrawler

    nice gaff for the money tho, thinking you could spend €90 large on a new VW California campervan which wouldn’t get you anywhere close to this

  3. Vanessa off the Telly

    Oh my fluttery fluttering flutter parts

    Absolutely devine

    I’m actually quivering

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