‘The Irish Are Muscling In’



A bipartisan bill before the US Congress threatens to open access to the prized E3 visa class to Irish workers, a prospect that has sparked an intense lobbying campaign by Australia’s ambassador to Washington, Joe Hockey, to block the move.

….The legislation to expand the E3 visa scheme to Irish immigrants was introduced to the US House of Representatives at the end of October and is due for debate in coming weeks.

Many members of the US Congress have Irish ancestry, and are sympathetic to the idea of making it easier for Irish professionals to work in America.

But Australian officials have launched a diplomatic battle to preserve the exclusive right to the visa, fearing that opening up the scheme to the Irish would lead to a stampede of other countries seeking to gain access to its special provisions.


The Irish are muscling in on our special US visa, so we’ve ‘gone nuts (The Age)

Thanks Mark Geary

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26 thoughts on “‘The Irish Are Muscling In’

    1. scottser

      begs the question, why have the australians got a special thing with the states? is it their stupid accents, their ridiculous take on ‘football’ or their entrenched racism and misogyny? more to the point, is ours not good enough?

      1. Robert

        I’d be into spending some time in Colorado. Liberal substance culture aside it does seem like a fine place that strikes all the balances quite well..

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      After watching Louis Theroux’s documentary on polyamory in Portland, Oregon, I’m definitely going!

          1. millie st murderlark

            I know. A man firmly in denial.

            Did you see his wife’s face when he said he’d get off on watching her and the bf together? Priceless.

          2. :-Joe

            He was doing that to get at her and deal with the embarrassment of everything put out in public view…

            I genuinely feared from the start that he’ll soon be the headline star of another mass shooting….


      1. anne

        I was just saying like.. I mean personally given a choice between here & the U.S. I’d pick here everytime. Too many yanks & it’s gone to complete poo over there. Get sick & you’re goosed.

  1. :-Joe

    Special treatments…

    Great place to live, work and have fun but don’t go there lightly without plenty of spare money and platinum level diamond encrusted health insurance.

    Enjoy the worlds biggest police state corporate oligarchy…


    1. anne

      Great place to work if you don’t mind never having a paid holiday.. it’s at the discretion of your company in most states.

      1. :-Joe

        Who needs a holiday… when you’re in the U.S. of eh?…

        Just stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you’re an entrepeneur… go sell some trendy plastic chinese manufactured junk on shark tank(only accept a deal for 51% for 1 million dollars)… sell your minority stake the next day and retire… declare bankrupcy if you get bored… it’s all good you’re in it for the big time, not a long time…

        All else fails just bury the loot in the desert and declare bankrupcy like the FOE t ‘ US, his corporate backers and benificiaries…

        You’re living the ‘murican dream now… (hopefully, you will never have to eventually wake up)

        YEE-HAW !!!


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