Anything Good In The New York Times?


Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger at the Spire on Dublin’s O’Connell Street on Wednesday; Ms Coppinger in the Dáil on Tuesday

A criminal trial in Ireland, in which the lawyer of a man accused of rape cited the lacy underwear worn by a woman as a sign of her consent, has ignited outrage across the country and beyond.

During the closing argument, the defense lawyer asked the jury to consider the underwear worn by the 17-year-old woman at the time prosecutors said she was raped in a muddy alleyway by a 27-year-old man.

“Does the evidence out-rule the possibility that she was attracted to the defendant and was open to meeting someone and being with someone?” the lawyer asked, according to The Irish Times. “You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front.”

The man was acquitted, and the case immediately drew calls for accountability and sparked a national dialogue about consent and victim blaming. Hundreds of women and men with posters and lace underwear in hand protested in five cities across the country on Wednesday.

Defense Lawyer Suggests a Thong Equals Consent — and Ireland Erupts (New York Times)

Pic: BBC Woman’s Hour

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Morning Ireland tweetz:

Spotted in Portobello in the same location as mural earlier this year

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  1. f_lawless

    My first thoughts looking at that top photo was – look at that lecherous cameraman having a crafty look at the thong over his shoulder. He’s probably not thinking about issues of consent. Some conditioning I gotta work on!

    1. Spud

      There’s four places. There’s Get Behind, that’s on third.
      There’s Briefs-R-Us, that’s on third too. You got Put-Your-Butt-In-There.
      That’s on third. Why Fronts? … Matter of fact, they’re all in the same complex; it’s the Boxer complex on third!

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