For the man who has everything.

A ‘ronnie’ tatoo.

James Coffey writes:

I have organised a charity tattoo day this Saturday in conjunction with Craft Ink Tattoo Studio on Thomas Street in aid of the Movember Foundation.

We’ll be running a Movember Flash Tattoo Day with limited edition ‘tash tatts on offer all day for €50.

The Movember Foundation tackles prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention among men.

I’d guess that, unfortunately, all of us have been affected by the above in some way, whether it’s a friend, dad, brother or son.

Tattoos often allow men to express themselves in a way that talking can’t always do, and we’re hoping this will give them the opportunity to wear their Mo with pride.

Movember Charity Tattoo Day (Facebook events)

5 thoughts on “Free Saturday?

  1. GingerMcNinja

    “Tattoos often allow men to express themselves in a way that talking can’t always do”

    With this poo.

    This is just another way of telling men to bottle up their emotions. If you’re uncomfortable talking about something, then you need to confront it. Getting a tattoo will do poo-all, it’ll just put a trendy plaster on it.

  2. Tony the Tiger

    Fair play to you. Aren’t you only great yourself!
    Comments like that are exactly why men are uncomfortable talking about mental health or emotions.

    This is a way of fundraising for a charity that tackles men health issues and all you throw out is a negative comment. Nice one.

    1. GingerMcNinja

      Not at all! Maybe I didn’t make my point clearly enough. I am ALL FOR men reaching out and tackling mental health issues, or indeed any health issues. But they need to TALK about it. To me, this just looks like crass commercialism – “Hey, why talk about your problems when you can just get a sick tattoo!”

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