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    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Brexit O’Toole becoming increasingly more desperate as the chances of a No Deal rise.
      It’s fun to watch.

        1. Dub Spot

          Followers of the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the late inventor of the five-stage model of grieving, might recognise this as indicative of a bargaining stage of grief, the one that comes right after denial and anger and just before depression and finally acceptance.

      1. Dub Spot

        I recommend that you, and others interested in the Brexit disaster for Britain, follow the @BorderIrish Twitter account (https://twitter.com/@BorderIrish); a wry and sardonic commentary (of some wit) on the old Etonian-stye Debating Society buffoonery that is bringing a great nation to its knees faster than the Nazis, IRA, ISIS, and best efforts of English football hooligans in Europe ever could have dreamed.


        “It has compared Brexit to football and cricket. “Invented by the British, then it turns out they’re crap at it.””

  1. Eoin

    More drip-drip of allegations about the state of our Prison Service from Michael Clifford today.

    Are we any closer at all to understanding if there is any legal basis for the Prison Service to attach a tracking device to the private car of an employee, in the context of an investigation of drug trafficking into prisons? Does the PS have special investigatory powers? I would have thought they’d hand such stuff over to Gardai.

    1. Panty Christ

      Lots and lots of state bodies have hired private dick companies over the years without legal basis. Irish rail got nailed by the DPC for it a few years ago.

    1. Nigel

      Sorry shouldn’t have posted that twice. But for those interested:

      Here are the new national climate assessment’s main conclusions:

      Temperatures have risen 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1901, all due to human activities.
      Globally, 16 of the last 17 years have been the warmest years on record, dispelling any forecasts of a “hiatus” or “pause” in warming.
      Fighting climate change will save hundreds of billions of dollars in public health costs alone, and save thousands of lives a year.
      Climate change doubled the area burned by wildfires across the West between 1984 and 2015, and has increased the wildfire season by 80 days in some places. In California, wildfires have killed a record number of people in 2018.
      By 2100, annual acreage burned could increase by as much as six times. Historically, the U.S. has spent an average of $1 billion a year to fight wildfires. In the first eight months of 2017, costs exceeded $2 billion.
      Communities of color, the elderly, children, and low-income communities are particularly vulnerable to climate change, according to the report. Allergy-induced conditions like hay fever and asthma are becoming more frequent and severe.
      Warming is expanding the range of mosquitoes and ticks that carry vector-borne diseases like Zika, West Nile, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever.
      Drier conditions in Arizona and California have led to greater growth of the fungus that leads to Valley Fever. Before 1999, such infections were limited to the tropics, but Cryptococcus gatti, the species that causes these infections, is now established in Northwest soil.
      The Midwest is projected to have the largest increase in heat-related premature deaths by the end of the century — an additional 2,000 deaths per year.
      West Nile cases are projected to double by 2050, with a $1 billion annual price tag in hospital costs and premature deaths.
      Economic losses from climate change could reach hundreds of billions of dollars annually for some sectors. Climate impacts along the coastlines are exacerbating pre-existing social inequities. The Southeast, for example, is expected to lose over a half-billion labor hours by 2100 due to extreme heat.
      Agricultural crop quality and quantity is projected to decline across the United States due to increased flooding, temperatures, drought, and other climatic changes.

          1. CO2 Rocks

            So you see the correlation between Temperature and Sunspots and Extinctions (as we move between ice ages).

            but No correlation at all between

            “Man made” CO2, and temperature,

            “Man made” CO2 and Sunspots,

            “Man made” CO2 and extinctions.


          2. ReproButina

            I don’t believe anyone has claimed the increased Co2 levels on our environment have caused sun spots but the claims that there is a link between sunspots and climate change have been thoroughly debunked.

          3. Clampers Outside!

             “claims that solar activity affecting planetary climate debunked”

            …eh, no.

            In fairness, that’s not at all what it says in the link. Not even remotely close.

            You’re doing what the silly billy “mini ice age” headline writers did by misreading, intentionally or not, what has actually been said.

            What is said…

            “The stories claim to be based on a September 27th article at Space Weather Archive, in which NASA scientist Martin Mlynczak discusses the influence of current low solar activity on the Earth’s thermosphere—a layer of the atmosphere that begins about 65 miles above the surface. Mlynczak explained to Climate Feedback that headline claims of coming cold weather are “false”:
                [Mlynczack says] ‘There is no relationship between the natural cycle of cooling and warming in the thermosphere and the weather/climate at Earth’s surface. NASA and other climate researchers continue to see a warming trend in the troposphere, the layer of atmosphere closest to Earth’s surface.’ ”

            It does not say that solar activity does not affect climate, nor does it say… “claims that solar activity affecting planetary climate debunked”, as you put it.

            What it does do, is explain that the natural cycle of cooling and warming in the thermosphere do not affect weather/climate at Earth’s surface.

            Again, the thermosphere does not affect climate. 
            And it adds that ‘headline’ claims of a coming cold weather, or “mini ice age” are false.

            And again, it does not say that solar activity does not affect climate, because it does affect planetary climate.

            For further reading on solar affects on the earths’ climate you could check out, say for example, space.com which gets…
            – A+ for ‘educational value’s from commonsensemedia org;
            – ‘very high’ for factual reporting from mediabiasfactcheck com; 
            – and it does not feature in the list of nonsense sites / blogs from climatefeedback org you linked to.

            Maybe practice what you be preachin’ good lass.

          4. Clampers Outside!

            See also

            – https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2659/four-decades-and-counting-new-nasa-instrument-continues-measuring-solar-energy-input-to-earth/

          5. CO2 Rocks

            And even as the graphs tell you otherwise you prefer to believe the “high-priests” of Climate Doom rather than the evidence of your own eyes.

            You’re lost.

          6. Nigel

            Feck off Clampers. It’s an example of another stupid story about solar activity supposedly causing drastic climate change and it’s been debunked you babbling fool. I did my fellow commenters the courtesy at assuming that if they were interested they would read the link and discover the details for themselves. Thanks for treating that as some sort of gotcha. This is why we DON’T do this anymore.

          7. Clampers Outside!

            Dismissing it doesn’t make it so.

            You made a massive gaff claiming solar activity doesn’t affect climate.

            Grow up ya numpty.

          8. Nigel

            Yeah look you’ve managed to spectacularly miss the point, laboriously claim a gotcha and used a girl’s name as a means of derision; you’ve peaked for the day. Off you feck now.

          9. Clampers Outside!

            I missed no point. Nothing in your statement is correct. Nothing as you stated was “debunked”.

            Chill out pet :)

          10. Nigel

            Oh so low solar activity IS going to cause a new ice she then? That hasn’t been debunked? Sun spots ARE linked to climate change?

          11. Clampers Outside!

            This is what you said “claims that solar activity affecting planetary climate debunked”

            There’s nothing misinterpreted in calling that a nonsense incorrect statement.

            As for… “Oh so low solar activity IS going to cause a new ice she then? That hasn’t been debunked? Sun spots ARE linked to climate change?”

            LOL! Where’d you read that pet? 

            It’s classic Nigel on a “so what you’re saying is” buzz.
            Go again, this is great craic… heh

          12. Nigel

            Going to be nice. It’s nearly Christmas. Goodwill to all. Peace and love. Deep breaths. You can do this.

            Hi Clamps! Listen, I think there has been a simple and trivial error here that we can clear up in no time! The line you quote ended in a colon which indicated that it was in reference to the link which followed which was an EXAMPLE of a debunked pseudoscience story about solar activity affecting planetary climate. If you carefully follow the conversation of which it is a part it is easily understood as such. I get that omitting the words ‘Here is an example of’ for brevity and trusting the good will and relative sophistication of the reader to infer them left you confused and scared and angry but I’m here now to hold your hand.

            Now feck off.

          13. Nigel

            I leave it to the hordes of objective readers hanging on every word of this Socratic Dialogue to draw their own conclusions. Good day, sir.

      1. SOQ

        @ Nigel. One thing never mentioned about climate change is the fact that the world’s population is rapidly increasing and will continue to do so. When it comes to personal responsibility, the rule is that the more children you have, the more you will contribute to global warming.

        I’d like to see the Greens to sell that one.

        1. Nigel

          Malthusian theories about overpopulation and ‘natural diebacks’ led directly to British policies that allowed millions to die during multiple famines in India and Ireland. Other than the awfulness of that, I’m not sure what the Greens would sell. ‘Solutions’ to population growth are access to birth control and health care, female bodily autonomy, reduced levels poverty and increased equality, all pretty good social policy goals which Green parties support. If there are other more extreme superfascist measures you have in mind, well perhaps we should try, say, taking over all fossil fuel companies and phasing them out and shutting them down first, eh?

          1. SOQ

            All I ask is that they point out the obvious, that the more the human species (virus?) replicates, the more the planet dies.

            That we do not have the trade mark on what defines life.

          2. Nigel

            That’s certainly a point of view, but I don’t think it’s one shared by the Green Party. Too often when people start talking about overpopulation they mean the poorer parts of the world, which bear the worst brunt of the effects of climate change while contributing the least to its cause.

          3. SOQ

            Over population is global. Now you can frame it as women’s rights or poor people but it takes two to tango.

            Who ever dreamed that the Boilerhouse (known as washer in Dublin gay icicles) would contribute to saving the planet?

        2. Ger Mc

          Could broadsheet get someone on who does a weekly column on climate change . Someone like a scientist who knows what they are talking about and is good at explaining things . Thing it would be good for broadsheet to do . That fella from the greens is only selling his wares although he seems like a grand fella

        3. Clampers Outside!

          This is by no means a direct comment to you personally SOQ, as you’re just asking a question, but a general one at those people who speak ill of those who have kids…

          …they don’t deserve to have been born themselves, in all genuine and honest to goodness fairness. I’d consider it a kind of self hatred too to sweepingly condemn in the planet who having more kids resulting in the ongoing population growth. (First world irresponsibility of having six kids and no job, is very different to poor uneducated large families in third world countries).
          People are lucky to have kids and it is the most primitive purpose of being, to reproduce.

          What the world needs to do is deal with growth, and not be a–holes about it. And the Greens won’t be pushing a one child policy any time soon, any where. Nor a Logan’s Run style pop control policy :)
          So it really is a non-runner, I’d say. Which is a good thing. Better tech is the answer.

          1. SOQ

            I disagree Clamps. I know it is a natural urge to reproduce but the plain fact is, the more the human race expand, even with good tech, the more environmental damage will be done.

            At this point, culturally, it is a near assumption that anyone who doesn’t want kids has something wrong with them, that they are being selfish, when in fact some people are just not cut out to be parents.

            I don’t see anything generous about have a rake of kids, quite the opposite. The planet is over populated as it is so maybe it is time to ask questions as to why bringing more onto the planet is good thing. I really can’t see how it is.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            We can disagree on your first para.

            I agree with your second para.

            Fair enough, on having “a rake of kids”, but without demonising those in poor countries who do, and who are living in the biggest pop growth areas.

            Later, time for a walk.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    Rita Ora.
    Who is she ?
    And is she on this TV jungle thingy ?
    Asking for an equally confused friend.

  3. CO2 Rocks

    Carbon Tax causes continental mayhem.


    Meanwhile, climate changes, but not how or why you’ve been told.


    “Zharkova was one of the few that correctly predicted solar cycle 24 would be weaker than cycle 23 — only 2 out of 150 models predicted this. Her models have run at a 93% accuracy and her findings suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020 and running for 350-400 years. The last time we had a little ice age only two magnetic fields of the sun went out of phase. This time, all four magnetic fields are going out of phase.”

      1. Nigel

        No, look, he’s found a field of science so reliable that 2 out of 150 models it generated have proved vaguely accurate.

  4. Eoin

    Daily Express continues to do a fine job of chronicling our neighbour’s descent into Mad Max-Land. Police have knocked 63 suspected criminals off mopeds this year by….. deliberately ramming them!

    This is on top of this, according to the Times Ireland

    “In 2016 pursuits led to the deaths of 28 people, two thirds of whom were bystanders, passengers or other road users”

    All together now, “We don’t need another hero, We don’t need to know the way home, All we want is life beyond etc”

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      You obviously don’t know Londonistan well m8.
      This tactic will go well with the punters as these motorbike yobs are a menace.
      Good to see Plod warning the scumbags that taking their helmets off won’t prevent a ramming.
      So to speak …

      1. realPolithicks

        It may go well with “punters” like yourself pollie, but those of us who believe that the job of the police is to enforce the law not take it into their own hands are dismayed.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Trust me old bean – the cops will get the support of millions of Londoners in their drive to force this pondlife off the road.
          Take the figjrbrigjt to them.
          Imagine the thrill of driving half a ton of metal right at some thug and being cheered by the population.
          Gotta love proactive policing.
          Bring back stop and search and tell the usual suspects jumping up and down to get lost


          1. realPolithicks

            Lol, in your dreams pollie…although the way you describe it so ecstatically I should probably say in your fantasies.

        1. ReproButina

          So species are going extinct then? Meaning Dan wasn’t lying. It took a while but nice of you to finally admit it.

          1. CO2 Rocks

            Extinctions trend downward even as human produced CO2 trends upwards.

            No correlation between human produced CO2 and extinction.

            In fact if you look at the graph extinctions have being trending downwards for over 100 years.

            Dan tell porky pies about Climate Change all the time.

            So do you.

          2. ReproButina

            Your graph is 40 years out of date.

            Dan didn’t blame extinctions on human produced CO2 levels. You’d know this is you had done him the decency of reading his article before calling it lies and fake science.

  5. ReproButina

    While the tea boy is talking about his bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland at the DUP conference there’s a lady asleep in the front row. Box office indeed.

    1. Nigel

      Was listening to Callan’s Kicks which was rotating through all the horribly irritating people in the news at the moment, including this spanner, and I realised that Callan’s approach rests entirely on taking incredibly irritating people and making them even more irritating. Once I spotted that I couldn’t listen any more, it was unbearable. Lazy satire, or just the only way that these unsatirisable horrors can be satirised?

      1. ReproButina

        There’s a theory that satire is counterproductive because by making us laugh at dangerous idiots like Trump and the tea boy we don’t take them as seriously or challenge them for their actions.

        1. Nigel

          Satire is fundamentally supposed to be about speaking truth to power, so in theory so long as truth matters, satire matters. I just don’t think ‘we can make these horrible and irritating people even more horrible and irritating through caricature while periodically dumping little truth bombs as throwaway asides’ is terribly effective. Not when it’s done in every feckin sketch.

          1. CO2 Rocks

            Nigel and ReproButina are beyond satire.

            On here almost every day controlling the debate like schoolyard bullies.

            Now both claiming that the sun has no impact on the earth’s climate.

            They are fools destroying Broadsheet one snarky, ill-informed comment at a time.

      2. Dub Spot

        There’s a market out there for someone to do impressions of Oliver Callan doing impressions of people. And justifying it.

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    Where did the Daily Fail find an efnic to get a job in the airport cos that’s the implication of the article. “I, a brown person, was treated like a normal person and not a terrorist. How could this have been allowed to happen?”

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