This afternoon.

Members of trade unions and homeless organistations, including Fr Peter McVerry (pic 3 right) in front of a derelict building in Dublin city centre urging people to join a housing demo and rally on December 1 in Dublin.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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13 thoughts on “House Call

  1. diddy

    could people with houses please attend this demo to support those who are getting absolutely battered out there

    1. SOQ

      Could people with houses please consider someone other than themselves when upping the rent just because they can?

  2. Col

    Aside from the social housing side of things, are there any laws against allowing buildings fall into dereliction? Seems like there should be, especially in city centres.

    1. dav

      Not with successive governments, supporting the needs of developers, banks and vulture funds #civilwarshirts

      1. scottser

        Me too, very fond memories indeed. The CAC was initially a squatted building, i believe. I could never understand why a prime building like that lies derelict still, its a crying shame.

  3. Kevin Higgins

    No one mentioned Peter McVerry’s best mate Jack – a storming Jack Russell who played a blinder !

  4. Bort

    How much of a dent in the social housing stock did tenant purchasing make? People who got a council house in the 80’s, bought from the council for 60% of the (lower end) of the market price and sold during the boom, or now have made out like bandits! A young family got housing, kids grow up, move out but they stay in the gaff indefinitely or bought, where’s the means testing if they could then buy? In the boom everyone was selling up in Tallaght and moving to Blessington or somewhere, nice 200k profit. Look what the former corpo house are going for in Rathfarnham: Whitechurch, Nutgrove, – 450k+ Dundrum: Rosemount, Farrenboly Columbanus – 500k+, Sandyford, Leopardstown. Beach Hill in Donnybrook -nearly 600k for a 2 bed!!!!!

    Fair tooty-pants to them but previous Govt. built thousands of social housing, just no one gave em back! Lucky b@stards!

    The people of today, myself included, we’re pinky-winky pantsed. But it’s the stigma left over from the free house in the 80’s that means very few private home owners will come out and support people looking for more social housing.

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