Hanging too loose.



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7 thoughts on “Shaka Can’t

  1. belgravy

    how about giving kids a school building to sit their state exams in too northwicklow educate together#

  2. Eoin

    Ciao Leo, babes,
    You need to do something to counter that story in the Irish Mirror on Wednesday which said we were stuffing certain “posh” golf clubs with state funding. Maybe do something with the kids. Preferably not in Castleknock or Churchtown. Try and fit it in before the end of the week, to disrupt the pre-weekend news cycle about the silly nonsense of “a litany of government ministers” lobbying for golf clubs,
    Tschuss Tess


  3. johnny

    Its fantastic that the govt is finaly supporting one the best outdoor activities there is,Ireland has some great breaks with Aill Na Searrach or Aileens on most top surfers bucket list.
    There is no better way to start your day than paddling out and ‘walking on water’ or catching a wave,physically its challenging and spiritually its unrivaled-well done to all involved.
    Now how about decriminalizing marijuana and taking advantage of the Brits who have a large medical weed export industry, shooting themselves in the head.Medical weed is available in the occupied counties and should be in rest Ireland,

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