Stop that!

Last night.

Liffey Street , Dublin 1.

Padriag Pendred and Ursulsa Kelly at the turning on of the Christmas lights by DublinTown

There are two special Christmas trees in Dublin on Liffey Street and South King Street in partnership with Visa.

Each tree is adorned with 3,000 ice white LED lights and an additional 3,000 coloured lights will be activated upon receipt of a contactless donation to Temple Street Hospital.

Photocall Ireland

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25 thoughts on “Turned On

  1. Dave

    At 10:50am, this reads ‘Padriag Pendred and Ursulsa Kelly at the turning on of the Christmas lights by DublinTown’

    Padriag and Usulsa? Either their parents can’t spell or someone has been morning drinking in the Broadsheet office.

    Also, who are these two Z-Listers?

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Ha. Two friends visiting Dublin remarked to me later that they stumbled across this yesterday and presumed they were two very famous Irish people doing a photo-shoot, such was the fuss, crowds and pageantry.
          Maybe ‘famous’ in Assets Agency, wha?

        1. Rob_G

          While I pass about 90% of my life jeans, I would certainly wear slacks if I was wearing a blazer. Or chinos, at the very least.

  2. Paulus

    You know that thing where a women bends up one leg while being hugged/kissed;
    How to you get them to to that?

  3. Dhaughton99

    How did they make it through the shoot without getting stabbed with a junkies needle or spit at by the D1 Yo’s?

  4. rotide

    Lads, calm down. I’m pretty sure they’re just two model agency types sent out for the gig, not some celebrities you may have missed

  5. shortforBob

    Broadsheet can you please pretend to have some standards and at least spell the names right?
    Her name is Ursula Kelly.

    Clearly someone needs to watch the Little Mermaid

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