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    1. Otis Blue

      It’ll be like that episode of Dallas when Pam discovers Bobby in the shower*


      *convoluted but genius story line where Bobby Ewing was written out of the series as dead but to everyone’s amazement and surprise is resurrected in improbable circumstances as though his demise had not in fact occurred.

      Very Brexitesque, it was.

    2. SOQ

      Brexiteers truly are the new flat earthers. The argument that cutting all trade ties with it’s nearest neighbours will be good for the economy is downright bizarre. The ports will close and most aircraft grounded. Absolute chaos and a very angry public who did not want it in the first place.

      And all because they long for a lost empire when Britannia rued the waves. The only problem is they’d have to start invading other countries again and at this stage, they couldn’t organise a pee up in a brewery.

      Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas so the two choices are clear. May’s deal of indefinite EU subservience or a humiliating climb-down to remain. The icing on the cake would be a socialist government of course.

      More popcorn anyone?

  1. Giggidygoo

    So the FOI boyos still blocking giving information to Catherine Murphy on Naughton.
    Maybe time to do a few FOIs on Smyth as well.

    €3000,000,000.00. Three Thousand Million. That’s what FG seems to want to give to Actavo (formerly Siteserv)

    1. Eoin

      “Every obstacle in the FoI Act has been put in front of me regarding getting access to basic information, such as the former minister and his official’s interactions with David McCourt, Granahan McCourt, and Enet” says Catherine Murphy, hero

      “By god this is the most boring lunch that I’ve ever attended. Eating for Ireland! (Meal even cold to top it all off!!).” Denis Naughten, moaning meddler

      1. Eoin

        Bodger will probably cover this later, but the Examiner has published details of a WhatsApp group conversations, relating to Denis Naughten’s meeting with the sole remaining bidder in New York on Monday 16 July 2018. The WhatsApp group consisted of Naughten and his assistants (“Team Naughten”)

        The WhatsApp group had messages on Sat 14 July, Sun 15 July, Tue 17 July, Wed 18 July.

        Spot the missing day!

        Has the Department of Communications provided a full account of the WhatsApp messages. Why weren’t there any on Mon 16 July 2018 when Naughten and his assistants met David McCourt?

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    HM Treasury’s ludicrous predictions of Britain’s future propserity – down to exact percentage points in ten years time – have been rightly derided as Project Hysteria.

    Much like last week’s risible suggestion that Blighty could run out of fresh drinking water within days of a No-Deal Brexit.

    And it follows the laugh-a-minute capers of the original Project Fear.

    Who can forget this ….
    ” Britain’s economy would be tipped into a year-long recession, with at least 500,000 jobs lost and GDP around 3.6% lower, following a vote to leave the EU, new Treasury analysis launched today by the Prime Minister and Chancellor shows.”

    In February of this year, Cambridge academics concluded that most of the economic impact assessments before the referendum were “flawed”, and that the Treasury’s analysis was particularly bad.

    “The short-term forecasts of the Treasury and OECD, which have turned out to be wrong, have further damaged the already weak public confidence in economists’ contributions to public debate.”

    May is getting desperate now.

    Gone by Christmas.

    1. The Great Wall of Gammon

      Because you and all the other gammons know better, right?! Kakked yer kecks so yis have. And the bed.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      for once, charger – have to agree with you: this is shameful politicising by the BoE. sure what would they know anyway? no longer fit for purpose.

      dogs on the street can tell that brexit is going swimmingly

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Sure is kiddo.
        We inch towards a No Deal Brexit – my preferred option from the outset.
        Short-term disruption is inevitable with a drop in the pounds likely – that’ll boost exports even more but of course it will have a hugely damaging on Irish exports.
        Welcome to independence baby.
        Frau Merkel will always look after you.
        Heh x 3

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            It depends what measures any future government might bring in – exactly what was not factored in to the Treasury forecasts.
            Who can predict what would happen to the UK economy in 10 years time if say it became a Singapore-style low tax,light regulation model ?
            And what happens to the £8.9 billion that is currently paid to the EU.
            And whether the euro goes through another one of its periodic slumps requiring vast quantities of QE.
            Fortunately once we’re out of the EU we’re able to make these decisions ourselves and not,like Ireland,be forever at the beck and call of others.
            Here Paddy.

          2. ReproBertie

            Woo hoo! Freedom to accept EU rules and regulations without having any say over them! Freedom to need a visa to travel to any EU country. Freedom to watch industry collapse as customs checks destroys JIT. Freedom to queue for food during the shortages. Freedom to worry endlessly about access to basic medical supplies.

            It’ll be fun watching the UK try to fit the square peg of accepting chlorinated chicken from the USA into the round hole of a free trade deal with the EU.

        1. Nigel

          Who can forget the Brexit campaign message about how they would be unable to reach a deal with the EU, there would be lots of ‘short-term’ disruption, the pound would plummet and there would be negative economic consequences for the UK’s closest neighbour! Hang on, I thought that was Project Fear?

    3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      ” Britain’s economy would be tipped into a year-long recession, with at least 500,000 jobs lost and GDP around 3.6% lower, following a vote to leave the EU, new Treasury analysis launched today by the Prime Minister and Chancellor shows.”

      – Brexit hasn’t happened yet. There is plenty of time for the above to happen “following a vote to leave the EU”.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        ” Following a vote to leave ”
        It’s not difficult to understand.
        The dire warnings were for immediately after the vote when Osborne warned he’s need to bring in an emergency budget.
        Project Fear has been proved spectacularly wrong as will Project Hysteria.

        1. ReproBertie

          Wasn’t “project fear” the warnings of the consequences of leaving the EU? Hasn’t the government been, slowly, releasing documents about their preparations for those same consequences? Sasamach hasn’t happened yet but, as the documents clearly outline, a no deal Sasamach won’t be pretty.

          And all this just to deny Brits the right to move freely around the EU.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            I’ll ask your mam next time I’m tootling my pootle-doo.
            If I have the patience to wait in the queue.

          2. rotide

            So it turns out Ollie might not be the middle aged sophisticate he purports to be if the quality of that YORE MA joke is anything to by

          3. Ollie Cromwell

            Of course official statistics show the chances of me being stabbed in Britain are remote as I’m not black,of an ethnic minority or a recent migrant to the country.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      He may dabble in the above but it is not the reason he could not play, he had moved to Galway. A few lads from the team were on a stag, so they could not field a team.

  3. Manta Rae

    Hero garda? Foolhardy more like as it sounds like it was his actions which caused the fatal crash in Castleblaney.
    Sun splash reads like they’ve fed the line from Garda HQ

    1. SOQ

      Well you clearly know more about this incident than has been reported so would you care to enlighten us?

      A man was killed ffs, This is not a subject to be trolling. Have a bit of respect.

      1. Manta Rae

        Nah, not having that. The guard thought he was Dirty Harry and now an innocent bystander is dead. And it wasn’t as if the man he was trying to detain was Ireland’s most wanted. Do they teach them to ‘hang on for grim life’ to suspect’s vehicles as the car is speeding away at Templemore? If not, then tbis guard should get hammered. A family is without a father as a direct consequence of his foolhardy actions.

          1. SOQ

            Not long out of prison apparently. From Keady in South Armagh. He will have plenty of time to reflect on his actions I expect.

          2. Manta Rae

            Scrote? A word often used in English cop shows..
            There is no evidence to suggest the ‘scote’ was having homicidal thoughts when he got behind the wheel of his car.

          3. Nigel

            Hence the use of ‘like’ to suggest the nature and outcome of his actions rather than offer some definitive opinion on his state of mind.

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