In The Belly Of The Beast



This afternoon

Poolbeg Power Station, Pigeon House Rd, Dublin 4

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton visits the controversial Covanta Dublin ‘Waste-to-Energy’ facility, also known as the Poolbeg Incinerator.

Above from left: Buisness Manager Dublin Waste to Energy Kieran Mullans, Mr Bruton and Dublin City Council Chief Executive Owen Keegan

A ‘glitch’ in the plant’s first week of operation last year led to 11 people being hospitalised and a fine to Covanta for breaking its environmental protection licence.

Save Poolbeg.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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15 thoughts on “In The Belly Of The Beast

  1. Jonickal

    All that part of the city could be redeveloped for much needed residential and commercial use. It’s largely wasteland down there and it’s a surprisingly big area. Planting an incinerator in the middle of it renders the whole area useless.

    1. Rob_G

      I live close to an incinerator (not the one in Dublin). I have never smelt anything from it (I am sure when it is even on tbh); I’d say you would be breathing in much more fumes living on a moderately busy road in a city, rather than living close an incinerator with a near-constant bracing sea breeze clearing the air.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I lived by Guinness for 29 years. Could smell the hops for the first two or three… can they be still smelt? Did manufacturing change? I was of the impression I just didn’t get the smell anymore… but I dunno for sure :)

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          In fairness Clamps, the hops were a great smell, not one of pollution at all. It was my mum’s route to work in the late 80s / early 90s up into James’s St. from Kilmainham Lane and I cadged a lift sometimes – so I’d roll down the windows for to breathe in the sweet hops smell in the mornings and think about the Oompa Loompas inside stirring it all up as we passed the factory. It’s certainly reduced now – almost gone – I guess because of less leakage and finer brewing techniques. Or probably because of Diagio.

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