A Sucker Born Every Minute



‘The Greatest Showman’ is the theme of Ryan Tubridy’s tenth Late Late Toy Show.

Mr Tubridy said:

“Having The Greatest Showman as our theme this year is helping to emphasise the essence of what I believe the Toy Show should be – inclusive.

This year we are celebrating the kid who doesn’t get Snapchatted, or who doesn’t always have someone to sit beside on the bus.

These kids aren’t lonely or unhappy, they just find joy in their own way. This year’s show will be wrapped up in kindness and warmth and humour, so, as the song goes, see you on The Other Side!”

*smiles weakly*

The Late Late Toy Show airs tonight at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.


51 thoughts on “A Sucker Born Every Minute

    1. Cian

      I agree – ’tis a lovely sentiment[1].

      [1] This was me – I never got Snapchatted, or didn’t always have someone to sit beside on the bus.

    1. scottser

      This is my first with my two. Hot chocolate with marshmallows for them, beers for me. Then tomorrow theyll write their santy letters. I literally havent watched a toy show in over 30 years.

  1. Always Wright

    There’s nothing genuine, sincere or original about Tubridy. He’s a desperate wannabe, gurning awkwardly and aping his American counterparts. There’s a terrible smell of loser of him.

    1. Dermie

      Ever since that disgrace of an “interview” with Peter Casey I have nothing but absolute Contempt for tubridy. Vile little man

  2. Eoin

    RTE has simply ruined one of the few jewels in the nation’s collective memory, stretching the brand over several months of the year and broadcasting this show earlier and earlier each year to maximise its commercial impact.

    The allegations the prized tickets are gifted to RTE insiders and their families and friends

    The €44,500 minimum it costs a business to have their product (toy or other giveaway) given as a “one for everyone in the audience”, and then for Tubridy to imply this is his own personal or even RTE’s largesse, the €60-80,000 it costs for advertisers for 30 seconds during the ad breaks.

    Ryan Tubridy himself on €495,000 from us (via RTE) in 2015 for 5 hours of weekly mediocre radio with poor ratings and 2 hours of often toe-curling TV featuring people flogging their book/movie/event with audience ratings trending towards an average of 350,000.

    The over-produced Billie Barry performances where kids have been drilled to within an inch of their lives to achieve a perfectly mediocre display of insipidness

    The desperate attempts to fluff a sincere cutesy unfabricated expression of awe from the kids

    I see RTE is broadcasting the original “Rocky” to coincide with the LLTS, and surely it’s no coincidence Rocky 9 (or Creed 2) is opening in cinemas this week. How much €financial incentive was RTE given for this brand-awareness coincidence?

    All in all, I’d rather I’d rather share a cab with Terry McMahon for three minutes

    1. gerry

      I’m pretty sure RTE just realised people’s interested in watching Rocky would be increased because they have seen Creed 2 recently or are looking forward to seeing it soon.

  3. gerry

    I’m pretty sure RTE just realised people’s interested in watching Rocky would be increased because they have seen Creed 2 recently or are looking forward to seeing it soon.

    They also aren’t broadcasting it earlier. The first one in 1973 was in November. Its on this early so kids and parents get ideas for Christmas presents before the Santa lists are written.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    We generally head somewhere sunny to avoid Christmas in all its mince piety.
    But herself has persuaded me to go for the full monty at home with all the relatives this year.
    I’m dreading it.
    Every false bonhomie moment of it for the next 25 days.
    Gombeens doing the 12 pubs is the worst of it all
    January is my favourite month.Pubs are empty as everyone nurses credit card hangovers
    Just me and a few fellow curmudgeons celebrating the fact the next load of festive cobblers is 12 months away.
    Bah humbug etc,etc.

    1. scottser

      Aw, youve invented a female partner, how wonderfully heteronormarive of you. Is she pre or post op?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        that’s unfair, scottser

        english public school habits die hard

        can’t blame a lad for hankering

  5. Clampers Outside!

    I’m at a wedding…. I’ll trade ya, the music on the LLS for the wedding-band-music-by-numbers we’re having to listen to :0)

  6. Lilly

    I watched it with a few nippers, and it was pretty damn dreadful. Tubs singing at the start – not a note in his head – with insect legs sticking out under the ringmaster garb, then changing into a pair of red Chucks that he couldn’t have carried off in his 20s, let alone today, along with the worst confection of a sweater I have ever seen.

    The highlight for me was the 9-year-old who wanted to be a builder, a really sweet red-haired boy and some cute girls in frou frou dresses. All in all, an enjoyable evening after a wet week, but not really because of the telly.

    Oh and did I mention he thanked Smyth’s toy shop every 30 seconds.

    1. millie st murderlark

      I loved the young builder lad. He was gas. Also, young Michael in the Book Nook from Kerry was absolutely gas.

      I love that they’ve been including Braille books too. No child should grow up without knowing the joy of a good book.

      And that young one who sang towards the end was amazing. The voice of a seasoned Broadway singer in a teenager. She was incredible.

      1. Lilly

        What did she sing Millie? I missed chunks of the final hour, including the books segment. Agree about the Braille!

        They tried to cram too many toys in I thought. It felt rushed, not at all in line with the way kids get engrossed in toys.

          1. Lilly

            Nice! I prefer the chaos of the kids messing around with the toys though. X-Factor is another night.

        1. millie st murderlark

          I missed the first half and caught the last hour or so. It did feel a bit frantic at times but I think they did a very nice job of it. I had a tear in my eye more than once.

  7. Dub Spot

    If you stayed in and watched this pastel-coloured toilet paper crap then you’re a sad loser.
    If you stayed in, watched it, from abroad, you really need help.
    If you stayed in, watched it, and tweeted about it proceed directly to writing commentary for the Journal or Irish Times magazine.


    1. Lilly

      It’s not a question of staying in versus going out as you put it. As if it were an either-or equation. This is driven by kids; like it or not they want to watch it. Up to a certain age anyway. No one is forcing you to abandon Netflix unless you have a 9-year-old laying siege to the telly.

      1. Lilly

        His little cousin was adorable too! I forgot the boy who loved unicorns and Barbies. He was gorgeous.

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