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Ultan Mashup writes:

Starch Bombs”….This would never fly in the best chipper in Dublin, Fusco’s, Meath Street…


A professor said 6 chips at a time is enough. Twitter revolted (RTÉ)

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52 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    I’m usually well-pissed by the time I order my kebab and chips in Zaytoon on Parliament Street but they’d think I’d completely lost the plot if I asked for only 6 chips.
    SIX chips ?
    That’s ONE mouthful for a fat b@stard like me.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Hey I’ve SEEN you perched alone at that window table facing the street, on my way to The Clarence for cocktail hour. Aw.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        It’s usually way beyond cocktail hour that I’m enjoying a sumptuous repast in Zaytoon.

    2. scottser

      mr salmons, be aware that tahini and garlic sauce can disguise the taste of a myriad of bodily fluids the next time you are tempted to regale the zaytoon staff with your fascinating views on immigration.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Fine chaps.
        Many years resident on the Emerald Isle.
        Salt of the earth.
        Homous,chicken-shish kebab and chips.
        Marvellous tucker.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          I suggest you have a look at today’s Wednesday’s Papers slot.
          It’s the most appropriate thread on which to post Brexit-related matters unless there is a specific one set up by Broadsheet.
          You’re not the sharpest tool in the box are you ?

          1. realPolithicks

            You used to bring it up in every thread pollie, now thats its gone completely off the rails you make an occasional reference. Just admit you made a complete bollox of it and you’ll feel at peace…what what pip pip!

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            I haven’t made a complete bollox of anything old cock.
            Blighty voted to Leave and is now in a struggle between parliamentarians who want to deliver that mandate and those who wish to overturn it.
            It’s democracy at work in a vibrant and challenging way.
            I couldn’t be happier.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        To be a real West Brit you’d be drinking Gordon’s unless you took the Hendricks with a slice of cucumber but it’s a terribly over-rated gin.
        If I have to go pretentious then it’s usually Gunpowder although I quite like CDG too.

        1. bisted

          …sorry Ollie…I thought you had expressed a preference for Hendricks+Fevertree+Cucumber…must have been mixing you up with someone more discerning…CDC says it all really…

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            What does CDC say ?
            CDG says to me an oily taste completely different from most mainstream gins and well worth an occasional visit.
            Gordons and Schweppes would be my go-to Mother’s Ruin.

          2. bisted

            …oops…CDG…really terrible stuff…made with grain spirit…filter it and call it Hussar…wave a juniper berry at it and call it CDG…wishy washy cynical rubbish…

  2. Ian-O

    Yeah… could only eat 6 fries, you could eat a low GI diet all your life, you could never drink or go absailing or parachute jumping or experiment with DMT or magic mushrooms or go to a kinky fetish party or have beef tartar .

    You might live a long time, but would you actually live?

    And some random cancer can always cut you down at any stage too.

    Oh and @Ollie Cromwell, I’m quite partial to their plain porter myself….

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      I do laugh most times I’m in there at the same routine.
      American tourist: ” I’ll have a pint of Guinness ”
      Barman: ” We don’t sell Guinness.”
      American tourist: ” Why not ? ”
      Barman: ” They don’t sell any of our beer so why should we sell theirs ? “

  3. Junkface

    My guess is that Irish chips are even more fattening because they are double fried. So lets say 3 chipper chips in Ireland is the limit.

    Of course who wants to live without the odd indulgence? Life’s too short. Enjoy Yo’self!

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I can’t type my indulgences cause I crossed the line and revealed my identity…sad face

  4. Andy Moore

    Can’t bate Zaytoon & I love that window seat . Pints of Plain are best PH brew by a long mile !!

  5. Col

    Surely we know this? This isn’t a surprise.
    Junk food is bad, too much alcohol is bad, vegetables are good, exercise is good.
    But we don’t all constantly exercise and eat healthy because that would be a grim existence.

  6. SOQ

    Eggs were bad, eggs are now good, low carb is good unless you are HIV+ where carb loading is good. You could spin around in circles so fast you would disappear up yourself if you took all this ‘advice’ seriously.

    Your body is gong to get older and you are going to die, argue with that statement please? But, meanwhile your mind will expand and older people have a habit of dropping nuggets which make younger stop and think.

    Here is a tip – Be happy and avoid stress. Avoid chemical residue when washing dishes and eat what feels right. A little of what you fancy is not a bad thing. Just don’t do it every day then excuse a sugar addiction as being too busy.

    You are not.

  7. Ollie Cromwell

    Tonight’s dinner was a marvellous seafood linguini with a crispy Romaine salad and vine tomatoes drizzled with truffle oil and covered with Parmesan shavings.
    Washed down with a chilled bottle of Pouilly Fume.
    Mrs Ollie Cromwell knows how to look after me.

  8. McVitty

    shove a max of 6 chips into your mouth in one go – I agree that more than 6 is excessive in that case, especially if you are dealing with straight cut chips. No mention of the number of chips on the plate but 30-36 chips would appear to be optimal.

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