‘A Woman Of Extraordinary Courage, A Master Of Rhythm And A Leading Light’


Clockwise from back left: President and Provost of Trinity College Dublin Patrick Prendergast; former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, physicist Michal Lipson, historian Catherine Corless and poet Thomas Kinsella

This afternoon.

At Trinity College Dublin.

Historian Catherine Corless, poet Thomas Kinsella and American physicist Michal Lipson were awarded honorary degrees.

University Times reports that Trinity’s public orator Prof Anna Chahoud said Ms Corless is a:

“Woman of extraordinary courage and compassion, perseverance and commitment to justice.”

Mr Kinsella is a:

“Poetic genius, a master of rhythm, a man who firmly believes that ‘to be fully alive is to be creatively engaged’.”

And Ms Lipson is a:

“Leading light in the world of modern-day physics.”

Thomas Kinsella and Catherine Corless Awarded Honorary Degrees (University Times)

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Pic: Niamh Lynch/Trinity Times


12 thoughts on “‘A Woman Of Extraordinary Courage, A Master Of Rhythm And A Leading Light’

  1. millie st murderlark

    Seeing Mary Robinson always gives me a good feeling. I remember really admiring her as a girl. She was such a positive role model for me.

    Also, what a great achievement for Catherine Corless. What a truly remarkable lady and another great role model. Congratulations Catherine :)

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