Last night.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Earlier: F Sharp

15 thoughts on “No Fairytale

  1. rotide

    Hard to be sure which christmas song he’s talking about because precisely noone is actually fighting about either of them outside of the morons on twitter

  2. Termagant

    yeah I mean can you believe nobody’s talking about the homeless crisis, it’s basically a non-issue in today’s political climate, it’s a real travesty that there isn’t more attention given to the homeless crisis, WAKE UP SHEEPLE, don’t you even know there’s a homeless crisis? I bet you’ve never even heard the worlds homeless and crisis used in the same phrase up until now but while it may surprise you there is in fact a HOMELESS CRISIS, you obviously didn’t know about the homeless crisis up until now when Terry McMahon, wokest man in Ireland, has informed you of the homeless crisis

    1. f_lawless

      it’s not that people don’t know, it’s that too many have become desensitised ..such as yourself, seemingly, with a comment like that

  3. Smith

    Painful attempts at humour and extreme bitterness among some BS commenters. Happy Christmas winkers

  4. Nigel

    Yeah, okay, fair point, Terry, but seriously, for feck’s sake, Terry HE TAPED OVER TAGGART TERRY.

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