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Martina Fitzgerald (left at the Fine Gael Think-in at Fota Island in 2014

Anon writes:

This decision by RTÉ [to have Paul Cunningham  replace Martina Fitzgerald as RTÉ News political correspondent] looks terrible and makes no sense. They must have known there would be a huge backlash especially at this time.

My question is this: Am i missing something or did Ms Fitzgerald upset someone in particular or a political party? She seems very polite and cautious and I can’t see why RTÉ would go through all of this.


RTÉ colleagues thought Fitzgerald was going to remain in politics job (Irish Independent)


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36 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. phil

      @Nelly , on paper Id agree with you, but after all this is RTE , ‘not very good’ could be reasonable printed on their business cards, with RTE the opposite is more likely , maybe she was good, too good in fact* ….

      *Never heard an utterance from her , so Ive no idea really

  1. Shane Duffy

    It’s not that you’re missing something, it’s just that the simplicity of it has gone over your head. Men get dropped like this all the time, they just don’t bother whining about it. I suppose some women just find the bad parts of equality hard to swallow. They better get used to it.

  2. Eoin

    State propaganda network shuffles talking heads. Not really big news. Maybe she asked a question that wasn’t approved for the script? You know? Like journos are supposed to?

    1. scottser

      I woke up this morning and I pooped a squirrel. I mean it, literally. Hell of it is, damn thing’s still alive. So I got this poopy-covered squirrel down there in the office. Don’t know what to name it.

  3. Eoin

    Dear Martina Anon, while Ms Fitzgerald is a perfectly adequate journalist, the fact that just one junior minister could be bothered to speak up for her yesterday, and Mary Mitchell O’Connor at that, shows that she no longer enjoys any significant respect or affection amongst the government, and let’s face it, as a political correspondent, unless you can get the gossip and be the first port of call for leaks, what’s the point?
    Plus Gavin Reilly is miles better.
    I hear you Martina is consulting the solicitors. Good luck with that.

    1. George

      You are wrong, a full minister has also come out to say she is very disappointed. For ministers to comment on something like this is actually very unusual so the low number is not evidence that she is held in low esteem it may indicate the opposite.

      1. Broadbag

        Ministers and politicians should be keeping their oars out of it, it’s a cosy enough relationship as it is without them openly cherry picking their favourite journalists.

        1. Fact Checker

          Political correspondents occupy offices in Leinster House rent free and spend much of their time fraternising with politicians and advisers. They deal largely in anonymous, selective leaks.

          There are of course many decent, upright, hard-working political journalists. Nonetheless, it’s hard to argue that we have an under-supply of them.

          None of the big stories of the last few years (INM, Savita, McCabe) was ever found in Leinster House.

          1. Iwerzon

            Wallace and Daly have actually uncovered a lot of wrongdoing within the guards – penalty points for example – mind you they were working closely with certain journos in these cases.

  4. Junkface

    They probably just have a younger lady ready to take that position. This stuff happens all of the time in TV, especially with News anchors and reporters.

    1. Eoin

      + 1 (as RTE Sport’s Paul O’Flynn sometimes calls his missus, the new RTE political correspondent Mary O’Regan)

  5. Broadbag

    ”polite and cautious” – what a strange phrase, also who wants a cautious journalist? If she had just been handed the job for another 5 years there’d be outcry about jobs for life etc. One thing she is good at is using her pals in the media to mount a campaign on her behalf, well played Martina ”huge backlash” indeed! I always found her to be far too nervous for TV and if any unexpected questions were thrown her way she floundered terribly. Also, have heard rumours (from reliable sources – see how this ANON thing goes both ways?) she was prone to flipping the lid when under time pressure so maybe it’s a simple case that she wasn’t up to the job? If a man had that job for 5 years, lost it to a woman and then went bleating to the media about how unfair it all was he’d soon be slapped down so why is this any different, she lost the job, get over it!

  6. Frank Lee O’Bese

    The useless Mary Mitchell O’Connor virtue signaling in case she gets canned in a reshuffle soon. INM always happy to channel the Twink wing of our sisterhood.

      1. scottser

        I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker.

    1. phil

      But is he cautious enough, being a cautious reporter myself , Im going to wait a bit until I endorse him ….

  7. Lilly

    Polite and cautious? She should never have left The Irish Times for the bright lights of Donnybrook. Geraldine Kennedy loved her, and polite and cautious are highly regarded traits in Tara Street. If I were Martina, I would start eyeing greener pastures once the goose has been cooked.

  8. RanelaghPete

    RTÉ- ‘tone deaf’ on gender issues in the workplace – a widespread malaise in the state/semi-state sector…

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