Limerick Self Storage writes:

Each and every week, dozens of musicians load their equipment in and out of rented units at Limerick Self Storage, honing their craft, with the dreams and aspirations of one day bringing their music to the world like The Cranberries once did.

On January 15th 2018, Limerick lost their most beloved daughter.

From Limerick Self Storage, and Limerick artists of every genre, this is our tribute and thank you to Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries.

All proceeds of this video are going to Midwest Simon Community.

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Thanks Keith Kelly

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11 thoughts on “For Dolores

  1. Giggidygoo

    Nice tribute.
    So when are our ‘media’ and concert locations going to discover people like Emma Langford and friends? Instead of the repeat booking of the same faces (Late Late Show take note)

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Really good! Much better in my opinion than the version of Homeward Bound: the voices work better together, they are in tune and on timing and, as Brother Barnabas points out, some great voices in there!

    I also like the simplicity of the setting.

    Also shout out to my cousins of the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra who appear on the couch! Knew you would be in there somewhere :)

  3. Birdie

    Ah really lovely, such an array of talented and beautiful voices. I actually got a bit weepy with it all, lots of good vibes coming through.

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