22 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Jesus!

  1. carabiner

    Great idea! Nothing worse than queuing in the rain outside the door while people fumble in a biscuit tin for change, followed by the inevitable delay to proceedings waiting for people to get in. Also easier than giving cash to kids and hoping they’ll remember to give it to the teacher.

  2. postmanpat

    Its only €20 for two parents , besides, all proceeds go into the legal defense fund for clergy accused of child rape. Vatican no.3 just got sent down, which is quite a blow for Catholics , we must not let any more bishops go to jail.

  3. AssPants

    Stop it………………you are being asked to pay to see your child’s school play……………………..

    Is there car parking fees and clamping in the school yard also??????

    When does the Parent gouging stop with FREE education??????

      1. postmanpat

        A nativity play would suggest its a Catholic run school , so the only fees would be voluntary. I have no intention of paying any voluntary fees when my kids go to school. The Vatican is the wealthiest organization that has ever existed. the school can write to the pope if stuck for cash.

    1. postmanpat

      If I was in this situation. (And I might be in a few years because the cowards that put up with this will set a precedent). Id walk past the ticket window and sit down, If confronted, Id just say I’m not paying. Its not as if you can’t go of pull your kid out in protest and the school know it. But the school doesn’t have bouncers either so who is going to make you leave? besides, how many connected parents will get the nudge nudge wink wink and get to not pay or cause a scene? Paying for some kids play? Whatever happened to simply marking up the price of multipack Tayto and bars? What school is this anyway? name and shame them.

      1. spudnick

        cripes, I feel sorry for the staff in your kids’ school who are probably just trying to keep the lights on while coping with the likes of you toting dan brown books and accusing them of being vatican illuminati

        1. postmanpat

          They don’t have to keep the lights on after hours . cancel the play if cash is low. If the school really needs to indoctrinate kids with more fantasy stories about a literary construct based of some crackpot Hebrew prophecy that ripped off older Greek demigod myths, they can get the pope to pay the evenings electricity bill. And Dan Browns rubbish stories for semi-illiterate baby boomers was based on the notion of JC having descendants which was music to boomer homophobic ears because the old concept of celibate Jesus who hung around with a bunch of men, always had the nagging ring of someone who loved their mother and “just hadn’t met the right woman yet” (if you know what I mean.) But I say the individual never existed in the first place. And Dan Brown? Please, his stuff is even worse than the bible.

  4. Roisin

    I understand the underfunding comment and we have “ contributed “ heavily already. I also would have thought a fiver more appropriate a charge to watch your small child’s Christmas play.

  5. phil

    Roisin , do you not think you are being a irresponsible parent for allowing your child to be involved with the catholic church ? Its just not a safe environment for them…

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    Not only do most parents have to try and get time off work and fight in traffic to get to the school on time, they’re now asked to cough up a tenner to sit in a cold hall on a hard chair to be blinded by tinfoil.
    With the amount of phones out shure it’ll be streamed online in piecemeal. Just check all the parents’ FB pages.

    1. curmudgeon

      Irish taxes fund the education system to the hilt, the problem is the taxes are given to the staff instead of where it’s needed.

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