This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin shares his pleasure at extending his party’s Confidence and Supply Agreement with Fine Gael that could keep Leo Varadkar in power into 2020.

Impotent rage.

Can kill a man stone dead.

Any excuse



Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney (in red tie) speaks to the press this afternoon.

He’s screaming inside.

Fianna Fáil renews Confidence and Supply Agreement (RTÉ)

12 thoughts on “Loud Noises

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Snouts remain in trough for another year. None of this was agreed for the good of the country, only for the good of FFG’s pockets.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Coveney: “. . . .two large parties working in the national interest . . . ” – on the nine o’clock news just now.

    FFG – The Charlatan Party (possible rename suggestion when they eventually unite into a singular disgusting beast)

  3. Liam Deliverance

    Under the deal, Fianna Fáil agrees to:

    * Abstain in the election of Taoiseach, nomination of ministers and also the reshuffling of ministers.

    * Facilitate budget votes in the Dáil

    * Vote against or abstain on any motions of no confidence in the government or ministers.

    * Maintain pairing arrangements for EU Council meetings and other government business as agreed.

    Is this Confidence and Supply nonsense constitutional or even legal? For those that voted for FF is it not a better return on your vote that they stand in opposition against the party that you did not vote for? Does this not create a scenario where a terrible sitting government can destroy the place for 5 years because their C&S partner protects them from getting the boot?

    *Why does a visit to result in 3/4 pages being loaded into the history and in turn making it difficult to back up.

    1. Cian

      “Is this Confidence and Supply nonsense constitutional or even legal?”
      Yes and Yes. It it’s not prohibited – it is legal.

      Nothing is mentioned about this in the constitution.
      And I’m quite sure there are no laws that prohibit this either.

  4. Gabby

    FF slams FG. FG slams SF. Lab slams SF. SocDems slam ’em all. Sp & PBP say down with all this. Inds say tut tut, what about our local hosp?

  5. bisted

    …the FFers set out to be the oppostion and the tail wagging the government dog…seemed to be a really shrewd move but time has shown them to be totally ineffectual…they look destined to be subsumed into the blueshirts with a faction absorbed into SF…this move looks to be the death nell for the FFers…good riddance…

  6. Kolmo

    FF – Finished. A radical party in the 1930’s has been fully castrated by the party of the big farmer, greasy mé-féiners, F.U. capitalists and the local representative of the international hedge fund – assimilation is complete. SF is the the new FF.

    1. Stan

      “A radical party in the 1930’s has been fully castrated by the party of the big farmer, greasy mé-féiners”
      I don’t think they needed any help to be fair.

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