‘Thank You And Sorry’


This afternoon.

JoBurger, above at Castle Market, Dublin 2, has announced the group is going into liquidation.

Serving hipsters with reasonably-priced nosebag and beverages served in jam jars since the crash.

Damn you, Deliveroo, extortionate rents and veganism.

Via JoBurger

Top pic: Bookatable

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47 thoughts on “‘Thank You And Sorry’

  1. A Person

    I wonder how many suppliers will be left out of pocket, much like when they closed the restaurant in Rathmines, only for it to reopen under a different brand?

    1. Dhaughton99

      No doubt you’ll see the same happening this time as well. I thought restaurants were doing quite well this year.

      1. I eat frogs' legs

        That’s easily fixed…
        The landlord just needs to keep raising the rent… soon enough he’ll realise his limit…

        Rinse and repeat economics.
        Who cares who might be hurt along the way?
        – all the staff were foreigners anyway. They can’t vote.

        Start again.

    1. Martco

      likely reached the end of the road with suppliers & staff but usually a few storms coming in at same time sink the risky ship
      I never had the pleasure (as I just don’t sit in places where I’m already sure I make a better burger myself ;) ) but aware of some of the feedback
      on grumpy staffing – people sometimes don’t see what’s going on in the ship under the decks – maybe not been paid for months it happens.
      hopefully everyone gets paid off what’s owed

      1. Brother Barnabas

        the narkiness of the staff came from the top, I suspect

        used to blast music at obscene level. if you were unlucky enough to be sitting under a speaker, tough – if you asked them to turn it down a bit, they’d refer you to a line on their website that said “we have loud music… if you don’t like it, don’t come” (paraphrasing… but that was more or less it)

        1. Martco

          that’s very true, attitude & bad practice defo comes from the top in catering, if you’re an unlikeable willy of an owner there’s a good chance the staff will be too.
          ugh on the music thing, glad I didn’t spend there so

        2. Junkface

          Exactly! Who wants to have dinner with friends where you can’t even have a conversation because the dinner DJ is getting his groove on crazy loud. Totally idiotic! I remember politlely asking him to turn it down, only for it to go right back up 10 mins later! Do people share dinner to bob their heads while chewing, or talk with their friends and have fun? The burgers were decent though.

  2. Seamus

    Why is it that companies seem to love firing all their staff just before Christmas? Like is it just some accountant who doesn’t want to open a 2019 spreadsheet?

      1. gerry

        Crackbird opened on Dame street years ago. It is shutting down along with the rest of their restaurants, it says so above in the post.

      1. Martco

        well @SOQ been about the place a fair bit in last two weeks & have to say town seems fierce quiet to me.
        wonder if there’s a bit of careful spending with brexit thoughts + online dominance

        1. SOQ

          Fierce quiet is because the only people with disposable incomes are those who own other people’s homes surely?

  3. Dub Spot

    Dismal customer experience. Sorry for Job Losses but the piercings and tatts will also work in Bunsen.

  4. Observer

    They left a lot of people high and dry a decade ago. At the height of the recession it was forgivable. Now suggests bad management may be a problem.

    1. Spud

      +1 .
      I would have thought business would have been good.
      Fair enough rent would be tricky, but something must have been a miss in the books.

  5. Dhod

    Mixed emotions on this one.
    I like to see businesses with a bit of individuality which these places had. Dublin has been taken over by bland press up group premises serving terrible food by staff that seem disinterested & untrained.
    My experiences in jo burger were mixed – staff had notions. The pizza place was terrible and crack bird was ok if hungover. However, I thought he was on to a winner with hey Donna. Staff were friendly and informative & the food tasted great. Hopefully the premises will be taken over by independents with imagination and not more rubbish press up group swank

    1. Dhod

      Must add…a friend worked in Bear when it first opened (2012ish). Told me that they were basically given permission to tell people to eff off if they complained about music volume.
      The owner made an effort to turn it up to 11 if a complaint came in.

  6. Tom Mangan

    Management were up themselves. Went into castle street joint when we were coming out of the recessions years. I with friends over from the UK. They hadn’t eaten. Anywho I had. So asked for seat in half empty restaurant explaining not all of us are eating…..sorry was the response only people who are eating can sit in. The waiter was embarrassed we just upt and left. food was really good customer service not so.

  7. Starina

    The closure of Skinflint would be a huge loss to delicious, cheap pizzas in town but tbh Sano has had far superior pizzas since they opened.

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