“What We Won’t Be Doing, As A European Union, Is Renegotiating The Withdrawal Agreement”


This morning.

In Brussels.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told reporters:

“We don’t believe it’s up for renegotiation, we’re very keen to begin, as soon as it’s ratified, talks on the future relationship, because we want to have a close relationship with the United Kingdom.

“As Europe we reaffirmed our commitment to the need for a backstop, and not just because it protects Ireland and ensures no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, thus protecting the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement, but also because it’s a European issue too, and an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland can’t become a back door into the single market.”

More as they get it.

Taoiseach ‘very satisfied’ with EU position on backstop (RTE)

21 thoughts on ““What We Won’t Be Doing, As A European Union, Is Renegotiating The Withdrawal Agreement”

          1. edalicious

            Roughly translated as “my viewpoint starts to sound ridiculous when I actually express it so I’m going to pretend to myself that you wouldn’t understand it.”

  1. Termagant

    Do you think he doesn’t know a no deal Brexit makes love to us as badly as it makes love to the Brits or does he just not care? This hard line benefits nobody except the institution of the EU.

  2. Eoin

    Seriously BS, show us the schedule for House of Commons business next week. It’s dominated by debates about porn sites and the requirement they have less than 1/3rd porn or otherwise they need age verification. There’s no mention at all about Brexit.

    At this stage, the only conclusion you can draw is the Brits are unconcerned about a workable exit deal, and they’re hoping (1) for an extension (2) to revoke and abandon Brexit (3) a “peoples vote” or (4) no Brexit. If they were serious, they would be focussing on Brexit next week and cancelling the 2-week break over Christmas.

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