You Carriage Awaits


This morning.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

Thomas Clarke (right) with Ronnie O’Brien in a replica carriage and horse to commemorate the centenary of the Sinn Féin landslide election of December 14, 1918, and recreate an iconic image of that day (above).



The new breed of Sinn Féin TDs and senators join the commemoration.

Where’s Jarvey Adams?


I’ll get my cloth cap.


8 thoughts on “You Carriage Awaits

  1. RuilleBuille

    RTE have managed all day when discussing this programme tonight not to mention the words Sinn Fein.

      1. bisted

        …well…they were both abstensionist for a start…you know…got a sweeping mandate on the basis that they would not take their seats…

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