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  1. Michael McCabe

    Sexism is in the eye of the beholder. The subtly of this obviously went over Daniel’s head. The girl got the gift. Not the man.

    1. Col

      Yeah and she hates it.
      Because all women hate tools and all men are eejits when it comes to buying gifts for women.

  2. JuniperBerry

    The ad is showing him giving her a gift that is actually for himself – there’s nothing sexist in it – selfish, quite possibly but not sexist

    1. Nigel

      It’s sexist in such a deeply ingrained and casual way it doesn’t even register and everyone gets bent out of shape when it’s pointed out.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I love hoovering. For someone who hates housework in general, it’s a weird one. I really love my Dyson.

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Right, that’s it. I can take no more. I’m going to join the Maldron Group and bring it down from the inside by getting to the top and then being massively incompetent.

  4. Spud

    Some people are trying to be outraged at anything.

    I heard an ad on the radio for a hotel offering to buy your wife or girlfriend a spa package, and that the man could enjoy a game of golf.

    Is this sexist?
    Should I be outraged?

    1. AssPants

      Pre-21st Century there was a form of expression known as humor…. historically people would cry out, but without tears it was more of joyful outburst. People could be seen and heard all around us “crying out”.

      Often the medical profession would express a united front explaining that these outburst actually had a positive affect on peoples health and well-being.

      In addition, and continuing in pre 21st century there was also a routine whereby if an individual did not like something or found themselves feeling a negative reaction, (say the Dealz Hunk advertisement), people were willing and able to avert the impact of such scenario by simply ensuring such offending article, media be it print or audio visual, was not in their eye-line or earshot and moved on with their day.

      Oh for the old days…… please bring them back, please!!!!

    2. Dr_Chimp

      How do you show if a stereotype is harmful? Stereotypes don’t get created at random out of thin air. Go down to your local building site and count how many women you see using any type of tool that isn’t a pen and a clipboard…you’ll then understand this ad

      1. AssPants

        Dr Chimp…… this is 21st century we are in, I am nearly 100% sure of it…..

        Again, if you don’t like something then don’t indulge in same. Let those who enjoy something, enjoy it, just because you don’t like something should not mean that nobody is allowed to like.

        PS. stay away from building sites!

        1. Dr_Chimp

          AssPants I also long for simpler and more rational times. Comedy and humour is a thing of the past.

          I’m most in favour of allowing people to do (or not do) whatever it is they like and if someone else doesn’t like it well tough cookie. However, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that if you leave people alone then power tools and similar will be sold to men and make up products sold to women. Which of course is now a “harmful gender stereotype”.

          Harmful to whom exactly?!! All the men buying tools and all the women buying make-up?

      2. Nigel

        It’s almost as if these stereotypes can end up being self-reinforcing, like a set of power tools used to keep social roles fixed in place.

        1. Dr_Chimp

          Perhaps but there’s no big conspiracy to keep us fixed in these gender roles. That ad simply reflects who does most of the DIY. What change, if any, would you make to the ad to make it “better”?

  5. scottser

    as an aside, can i just remind everyone that the trend for wishing folks seasonal greetings on broadsheet for the past few years is ‘merry solstice and a happy new orbit’. i for one would very much like this to continue this ‘clampers-approved’, gender neutral greeting.

    1. Neilo

      Schoolboy error there, Zelig…Hilti really only do power tools and – even at that – are no match for Bosch. For wrenches, Snap On’s your man! Good spot on PowerFix by the way. :)

        1. Neilo

          @BB: well, I do usually play the construction worker in any given Village People lineup. Nothing more ManParish, er, mannish than that, eh?

    2. Starina

      haha! I’d love a tool set like the one above but I’d also be pretty irked if it was cheap quality. The embarrassment of it if my dad ever saw me using cheap tools.

      1. Lobster

        I don’t normally recommend Halfords, but they have a pretty good toolset, not bad value, and covers most of what you’d need for general work? Just if you’re looking like!

  6. Mickey Minaj

    I hope in future the Maldron learn from their disgusting misogyny, in the future I hope they have only woke ads where two free bleeders give each other hats they have knitted for each other

  7. Pip

    An ad on Lyric FM, I think, starts with “Size IS important.”
    Goes on to talk about piano concertos or summat.

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