Meanwhile, In Strokestown


This afternoon.

Strokestown, County Roscommon.

Hundreds attend a protest against the recent attempted repossession of the McGann farming family home in nearby Falsk on the orders of KBC Bank.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

36 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Strokestown

  1. Tom

    Gerry Beades there and a selection of yellow jacket facists.

    Your friend Ann is a particular specimen. She is absolutely cracked, your finest find yet.

    1. jusayinlike

      Blue shirt fascists with their Indo/It propaganda mouthpieces, blue shirt cops and infatuation with censorship.

      Tom you’re a fascist.

  2. Scundered

    Trying to simplify it as rich versus poor is only damaging their case as it’s not true, if they could maybe make placards suggesting how the guy should pay his debts, and get to the reality of the problem, that might help. What do they think is fair, that he shouldn’t have to pay it back?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      €400k would pay for a fair amount of public services, wouldn’t it, but tax dodgers are the real victims here.

  3. Giggidygoo

    Dinny Naughton hasn’t much to say for himself. The closet FGer wouldn’t I suppose. After all, it was himself who promised to keep the A&E open in Roscommon, and he got elected on that promise. ‘Leaves’ FG then only to be made a government minister by ….. FG.
    Who does he represent in Roscommon?

  4. Roscommunist

    Would have been cool to see some actual Strokestown people in these pictures. Not a local in sight.

    1. Otis Blue

      It’s telling that the farming organisations appear mute in this particular case. Not a banner to be seen in those pictures.

    1. Ron

      Why are you so obsessed with the shinners Mary Lou? Go on.. tell us… Bore us all with your usual whinge.. is it your Xmas party piece?

    2. Eoin

      As the taxpayer said to the banks! Amirite?

      Bit that is precisely what the taxpayers said to the banks, just before the taxpayer was strong-armed into giving them what, €60 billion of a bailout? What was the expression for these commercial businesses? “Too big to fail”?

      At least we didn’t allow them to use their losses to avoid paying tax for 20 years? Wait, what, we did?!

    3. Dub Spot

      Hey MaryLou are you worried about an SF Minister for Justice or you never being appointed to the District Court, or wha’? Go for a good run.

  5. Eoin

    Fair play to them, a peaceful protest which was quite sizable by the standards of Strokestown.

    An eclectic mix, with a large turnout of Shinners. Wasn’t on it myself, but echoing Otis above, these protests would need more support if they’re to gather steam; the Irish Farmers Association would be a significant addition if they declared their support, as would a big union.

    Republican Sinn Fein, several pics above, are often called the hardline republicans, and the linked Continuity IRA is generally called dissident. However, if anyone has been on any large protest in the past decade, it’s not unusual at all to see the involvement of Eirigi, Saoradh or RSF, you can usually spot them a mile off because they have the biggest flags or tallest flagpoles and they’re often the most shouty.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It doesn’t take much to get farmers protesting, but there’s been nothing from them in support. Be interesting to know why it’s been left to a serial mortgage defaulter and some shinners to lead the charge?

    2. gringo

      The IFA are joined at the hip to Fine Gael and big business. Any protests they engage in are pure tokenism to keep the members paying the fees.

  6. Dub Spot

    Remember RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) and how the Gavin Duffys of the world ran after them… what’s the difference between then and now?

    The marchers heard speeches from Jim Murphy (Cork), Gavin Duffy (Meath), Eddie Downey (Vice President, Irish Farmers’ Association) and Dónal Boyle (Tipperary). The MC on the platform was Tommie Hennessy, Master of the Déise Harriers in East Waterford. He told the marchers: ‘More than three centuries ago, a man named Oliver Cromwell came to this city and tried and failed to capture it. You might remember that he was the man who gave us the choice of ‘To Hell or to Connacht!’ Well, today this demo has a similar message to the Greens who have invaded our city. This time we are saying ‘To Hell with John Gormley!’ And to Hell with his Green Party pals and their anti-hunting hangers on!

    Nurse, the screens!

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