13 thoughts on “Balance Not Available

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Such a sad commentary!

    Similar situation happened to me a goodly number of years back (late 80s) and a guy in the queue tried to talk to the man, but he was out of it. Called the authorities (likely PMV or whoever operated back then, not Gardai) and stayed with him.

    Made me feel guilty as he kept telling us in the queue to just keep going on like normal

    And I did..

  2. Dub Spot

    There, but for the grace of God.

    Life’s not perfect. But, I’m feeling grateful by comparison.

    Happy Christmas to all BS readers. Take it easy.

  3. stephen c

    I dont know why they do this, people go to atm’s because they have no money, hardly going to throw a 20 at the chap are they.

    He also clearly got too out of it to even stay awake and beg.

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