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    1. f_lawless

      I’d say its most likely a suicide. I’m pretty sure he’s related to wine expert Erwein Matuschka-Greiffenclau who committed suicide. Also, the lack of details in the reporting

    2. Eoin

      “The firm announced yesterday [Friday] that Alex Matuschka von Greiffenclau, 47 [CEO of Digicel since Feb 2018], had “died suddenly” on Thursday while on holiday in Germany. No further details were given.” says the Times Ireland

      RIP Alex

        1. Eoin

          It is sad. There’s no detail about the cause of death, but I see the speculation has already started. Who knows, it could have been a heart attack, it happens, but on the chance that it was suicide, worth saying depression doesn’t recognise wealth or occupation; it’s tough for many at this time of year, and the Samaritans (01 671 0071) and Pieta House (01 601 0000) are only a phone call away if anyone feels they could do with some help.

  1. newsjustin

    How about Jim Daly ask the HSE to “carry out an audit” of their own underused buildings before trying an old fashioned land grab.

    1. Giggidygoo

      I don’t know why Daly is on suggesting this. Sure wasn’t he the one advertising a service for his electorate – a service of jumping hospital waiting lists.? It’s not in his election-seeking interests therefore.

      1. Otis Blue

        I think it is. Older people vote. He works the Creeping Jesus angle all the time.

        What he was promoting was the Treatment Purchase Fund. He had his eye wiped on this by constituency colleague, Independent TD Michael Collins, who has been involved in running buses filled with patients to Belfast for hospital treatments on the very same scheme.

        On the nursing home/residential care side of things it should be noted that Daly’s brother has interests in this area.

  2. :-Joe

    Good aul torys

    Nothing new about it and it’s the social housing policy that the ff/fg party will be monitoring closely and trying to further implement here in this aspiring west-brit run pseudo-enclave of insanity…

    Irexit soon to follow.. because politically, we’re completely devoid of originality..

    Nevermind foresight..


    1. bisted

      …pity Twiggy is being honoured at the same time as disgusting sanction buster Willie John McBride who led the Lions to apartheid South Africa against the will of the UK government…

  3. Eoin

    Something rotten at the Indo.

    Its headline today is based on data that is not publicly available, the value of assets in divorce settlements. In fact, because they’re court documents, they wouldn’t even be available under Freedom of Information.

    Not a problem for Josepha Madigan, the culture minister. She’s apparently obtained the figures and they provide a headline for her own self-penned platform today where she argues in support of her Bill to cut divorce waiting times.

    How did Josepha get this information?

    1. Cian

      They are counting the number of divorces in the high court. And extrapolating that if you are in the High Court it must be big money. Nothing more serious. – this is based on the front page – I didn’t read the article inside

      1. Giggidygoo

        It’s a Government TD, also a solicitor, writing for a commercial enterprise who hasn’t mentioned that she is ‘extrapolating’ anything. The article specifically states ‘over €3m’ – not ‘could be’ over €3m. The article is presenting the ‘over €3m’ as fact.

        1. Cian

          1. The article on the front page that mentions €3 million was written by the indo.
          2. The article inside, written by Josepha Madigan, doesn’t mention money at all. It is about divorce in general and the proposal to reduce the 4 year wait.

          1. Eoin

            Given the threshold for the value of High Court cases is less than €100,000, even if you knew how many cases came before the divorce court division, how could you tell they were over €3 million? The article on the front page of the Indo is tied to Josepha Madigan’s article, it explicitly refers to it. Smells fishy, as in, government minister obtains confidential legal data and such data is used by newspaper to write headlines which flog copies.

          2. Cian

            Jeez Eoin. Tinfoil hat time.
            Or perhaps Josepha Madigan is heading a constitutional referendum to change the 4 year wait time for divorce. As a solicitor in family law she is well placed to do this. She wrote an article for the Indo. They wrote a matching piece that went on the front page. They came up with the 3m independently. You know, like as a journalist?

  4. Eoin

    HRH Leo will be pleased that he’s hogging the headlines for the fourth day in a row after he announced His Majesty’s decision to start the exhumation of remains of dead babies at Tuam “in late 2019”; the remains in unmarked graves were first “discovered”, or widely reported in early 2014 after Catherine Corless’s work in 2011-2013. That it’s taking 6 years from “disovery” to exhumation is an international scandal.

    1. Giggidygoo

      And the law has to be changed for it to be done. Regardless of that however, he is already putting ‘experts’ in place and a ground team (who will be working outside of the current law I take it).

  5. Giggidygoo

    Leopardstown obviously haven’t heard about the move from sexism.
    Best Dressed Lady?

    Best Dressed Man
    Best Dressed Fluid Person
    Best Dressed Gay person
    Best Dressed Horse
    Best Dressed Bar Person

    1. Charlie

      The thousands of Best Dressed lady contenders beating he doors down at practically every racecourse in the country obviously aren’t too offended.

    2. Eoin

      It’s an old newspaper rune that both men and women are more likely to read [and buy] a story when it’s accompanied by a picture of an attractive woman.

    3. bisted

      …from the humblist point-to-point to the pinnacle of racing at the Curragh there’s a prize for best ‘ turned out’ horse…

      1. Giggidygoo

        Not being a horsey person I didn’t know that. I never saw a photo of one on the front page though with the caption Best Turned Out Horse. :-)

  6. Eoin

    The Brits have upgraded the influx of migrants to “a major incident”. 90 migrants have crossed the Channel in boats since Christmas day, or at least, that’s how many were detected, the true number could be in the 100s. This is the deptsh of winter, and okay, there aren’t storms, but it must be concerning that so many migrants are getting through at this time of year.

    What’s the response from the British govt?

    “Despite pressure from Tory colleagues, French politicians and the military, [British Home Secretary] Mr Javid is reluctant to order additional boats to the Channel for fear it could encourage more migrants to attempt the crossing.”

    If a British navy or coastguard boat picks up the migrants then it’s the UK’s problem to sort out. Interesting angle eh? You never heard much about that argument when Mediterranean migrants were a huge issue.

    1. Martco

      ah yes, the Brit version of the migrant caravan crapola par excellence

      INVASION!!! Deploy the fleet etc.

      dunno what the angle is exactly but there is one for sure. depressing.

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