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  1. newsjustin

    “FF out of step with public on abortion”

    Eh, didn’t like a third of those who voted oppose the abortion referendum? Correct me if I’m wrong, but FF doesn’t have more than a third of Dail seats. Maybe FF deputies just better reflect the views of those who voted no.

      1. newsjustin

        Not everyone voted for FF is my point.

        It’s like the Labour Party worrying that they’re not representing the views of, and winning votes from, employers.

  2. Giggidygoo

    So, it’s dawning of Coveney, Varadkar & Co. that they aren’t prepared for Brexit? More importantly, and which shows their utter boyish attitude to ‘the big jobs’, they never took the matter seriously until now. The two cowards push out Helen McEntee to take the flak, and she doesn’t have a notion of what’s going on.
    Varadkar is Mr. Poodle.

      1. Giggidygoo

        Yet we know enough that the only solution so far is to look for ‘emergency aid’ from Europe.
        Any intelligent leader would have various plans in place to cover any scenario. May, and her Love Actually boy obviously aren’t intelligent enough. As for Simon ‘no one in emergency accommoddation by July 2018’ Coveney – he’s as clever as varadkar.
        And the two boyos try to hide from as much media attention as possible by dragging in Helen McEntee to take the flak. Shameful duo.
        Also, no amount of daily ‘ Varadkar’ headlines fed to the media will let him off the hook. The other little lads, Harris and Murphy will soon be moved on to other ministerships, resulting in their replacements arriving with yet another 10 point plan and Ireland 2090 effort.

        Yep, Cian. The Brexit solution, so far, is ‘Ireland will look for emergency aid from Europe’. Well, clap clap!

    1. Eoin

      And in the middle of this chaos, with just 85 days to Brexit, the government under Leo Varadkar takes a 26-day holiday. Leo is like Dickens’ Micawber, hoping “something will turn up”. Has he looked at the farce in the British parliament recently. He’s leaving Ireland at the whim of a clearly dysfunctional government.

      1. Cian

        What *exactly* could the Irish government[1] do – over the 26 day break? Is there any legislation they could pass that would help us with Brexit? Until the Brits get their finger out and decide what Brexit actually means we are in a holding pattern – legislation wise. Hell, the British Houses of Parliament are still on holidays and they are supposed to be organising Brexit.

        And just because the Dáil isn’t running doesn’t mean that all of the ministers have been on holidays too.

        [1] I’m assuming you mean the Dáil, who else is on a 26-day break?

        1. Giggidygoo

          Don’t ask what they could do in 26 days. Ask what they’ve done in the past approx 630 days. Are the UK organizing brexit for Leo?

          1. ReproBertie

            Well Enterprise Ireland set up advisory clinics and have a Sasamach Scorecard to help businesses prepare for Sasamach.
            Bord Bia have a Sasamach Barometer to help businesses asses readiness and provide information on supply chains, customs, etc.
            Fáilte Ireland have a Sasamach Response programme to help the tourism industry expand beyond the British market.
            Intertrade Ireland have a Sasamach Advisory service.
            The IDA have been offering practical assistance on Sasamach.
            Revenue have customs information on their website about Sasamach.
            The Local Enterprise Offices have been running Sasamach Mentor schemes.
            All of these have been going on for months or years.

            Then there’s the grants and loans – Enterprise Ireland have a Be Prepared grant and a Market discovery Fund, Intertrade Ireland offer vouchers to SME’s to pay for professional advice, there’s the €300m Sasamach Loan scheme and the €300m Future Growth loan scheme.

            That’s before we get into the work being done by the DFA and at EU level fighting to prevent Sasamach causing a disruption to trade on the island of Ireland (you know, that backstop you don’t believe in which has hamstrung the UK negotiators) and, now that British pig-headedness is forcing a No Deal Sasmach closer, there are the moves, which are far from new but are being reported today, to seek financial support for Irish industry from the EU.

            So tell us, what more did you expect them to do about an evolving situation which is mostly out of their control?

          2. david

            I have been banned and have been asked politely by Broadsheet to stop posting but I am a rude and ignorant bully.

        2. david

          I have been banned and have been asked politely by Broadsheet to stop posting but I am a rude and ignorant bully.

  3. bisted

    …isn’t that what the article says…the FFers reflect the views of the minority no vote and are out of step with the vast majority of the electorate who voted for choice. The trouble is, an awful lot of people are chasing the votes of that third of the electorate. McGrath is hoping to get the FFers back to their rightful place…being all things to all men

  4. Eoin

    The Times Ireland today reports $579,000 was allegedly embezzled from the (heavily) government-supported American Ireland Funds.

    The CEO of the charity left after the alleged embezzlement became public last year, saying it has “crystallised” his decision to go.

    The charity is still maintaining “A background check was done by a professional firm and did not reveal any prior convictions. The American Ireland Fund depended on the information they provided”

    So, have the AIF sued the “professional firm” which didn’t reveal the person hired (and who is now being accused of embezzlement) was still on probation for fraud when she was hired?

  5. Eoin

    The papers are full of “carbon tax” today.

    In practical terms, a “carbon tax” will be a hike in tax on diesel or heating oil.

    What does our inspired leader want to do? To avoid any yellowvestery, he wants to give households a cheque to compensate them for any additional charges on fossil fuels.

    Will anyone lose out? “Those who use a lot of carbon don’t benefit as much, those who have low-carbon lifestyles benefit more” So, no, no-one will lose out. In fact, the measure will create a new army of civil servants to cut cheques for households.

    Does political incompetence come any dumber than this?

    1. johnny

      After giving her half a million for a house in Mayo-the Ireland funds gave he an award too-in BS.

      -ain’t that the truth Dr Robinson-the shadowy world indeed-innate generosity-was she taking the pi** ?

      “Delivering a keynote address, Mrs Robinson spoke of the innate generosity of the Irish people and how it is in our DNA to ‘sit down and give back’. Quoting a favourite Irish saying “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” (translation: “People live in each other’s shadows”),”


  6. Catherine costelloe

    GSOC drops inquiry on conspiracy to damage Mc Cabe’s reputation.
    ( Irish times by Conor Lally).
    Another debacle.

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