Some Element Of Closure


Cover of the Irish Mail on Sunday, on May 25, 2014; the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar confirmed to journalists last Saturday that excavation work at the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway, will begin in the latter half of 2019.

Further to this…

The Tuam Home Survivors’ Network have since released a statement saying:

“It is now four and a half years since Alison O’Reilly broke the story of Tuam to the world press on Sunday the 25th of May, 2014.

“In March 2017, Minister Katherine Zappone advised that the remains uncovered during the test excavation dated to the period of the home (1925-1961) and were of babies and children aged between 35 fetal weeks and three years.

“This revelation, while confirming what many survivors and family members suspected, brought a new urgency to the situation.

“Finally, Dr Geoffrey Shannon’s report focused on the human rights which continue from cradle to beyond the grave attributing to the 796 in an effort to provide much needed dignity and respect to the lost children of Tuam and six mothers whose burial place remains unknown.

“To that end, we look forward to the New Year in the hope that it brings some element of closure to an injustice that weighs heavily on families seeking return of loved ones and an elderly population of survivors who seek answers in their lifetime.

Tuam Home Survivors Network looks forward to direct involvement in decisions by Government and appointed experts along every step of the way throughout this comprehensive programme of activity required to bring about a resolution that meets with international best practice protocols for the recovery of human remains and to bring comfort to our network participants, primarily family members and survivors.”

Tuam Home Survivors Network Response Regarding An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s Confirmation of Exhumation in 2019 (Tuam Home Survivors Network)


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17 thoughts on “Some Element Of Closure

    1. bisted

      …justice delayed is justice denied…regardless of who has been in power, it seems that the doctrine of kicking the can down the road until the scandal evaporates and can be pointed at as ‘back then’ has been policy…the architect of this strategy has been Tess and Zappone has been complicit…shame on them…

  1. Elm wood

    Commission of inquiry completed report , due to be published in February of this year . Should make for very interesting reading .

    1. pat the baker

      Yes it will and it will make the Guinness book of records in the redacted state
      To be honest zapponne deserves to be horse whipped over her handling of tuam
      Sorry for that but I do believe in heaven and I am sure she will when she meets her maker lining the road to hell which is paved with good intentions at best and pure contempt at worst
      These public servants are employed to serve us not the interest of ?
      It saddens me that our taxes pay for substandard ministers who clearly combined have the vision intelligence of Michael the village idiot in Ryan daughter
      As a nation heading into brexit be very scared as to our future

          1. pat the baker

            Actually it is
            Maybe we need to end pensions and retirement lump sums for these who serve just one term or more depending on how they use the resources of their departments to bribe future voters
            In fact a TD only gets a salary with no top up for ministerial office
            We need to root out career politicians

    1. Chompsky

      We’ll be back properly on Monday, realPolithicks. Maybe Tuesday. First week in March at the very latest.

  2. Eoin

    If only the Zapper gave as much of a damn about living children. The first prerequisite for being the minister for children should be parenthood.

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