(INMO) General Secretary Phil Ni Sheaghdha (second left front) before a press conference at their Headquarters this afternoon

This afternoon

Nurses to strike for 24 hours on 30 January (RTÉ)


19 thoughts on “Stricken

  1. Andrew

    Well if the rent seekers are at it, why not the nurses? Ireland truly is the sow that eats its farrow

  2. :-Joe

    Irish nurses, who are mostly women, getting properly paid will be a true sign of women being treated equally in the workplace and society.

    Just poo poo-ing pay them them their fair share fpps…


  3. Eoin

    Ah now, a 12% pay increase? Who do these people think they are, tram drivers?

    What does a nurses’ strike look like? The Irish hospital system runs on nurses with relatively few doctors and consultants. Will it be a universal strike? What about operations and emergency departments. Striking is a particularly harsh measure for these workers.

  4. SOQ

    Many many years ago my father told me that those who care don’t get paid and those who don’t, do.

    How on earth are these people whom we will all rely on at some vulnerable stage supposed to even pay rent let alone live? If there is one profession in Ireland who deserve the support of general public it is nurses and they will get it.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Leo Varadkar said something similar about the low pay in the army and low pay there. Stated that the honour of serving one’s country was sufficient to offset not being able to pay rent or put food on the table.

      Likely he would say the said the same thing about the nurses. A vocation is not automatically a statement of desire for penury.

      Personally, I support the nurses in this. Especially having been on the receiving end of their care several times over the years.

    2. Andrew

      “How on earth are these people whom we will all rely on at some vulnerable stage supposed to even pay rent let alone live?”

      One would almost think nurses aren’t getting paid at all! Poor things.

  5. Observer

    Nurses start off at €31k and average wage is €51k.

    Both well above average.

    They are not poorly paid.

    1. curmudgeon

      Bingo, massively pensioned as well. As for all the hard work they do well guess what thats mostly done by HCA’s but you dont hear anything about them.

      1. Cian

        All public + civil servants got hit by big wage cuts, and now also have to contribute towards their pensions (in effect a second pay cut).

        Saying that, their pensions are great, but they are paying towards them now.

    2. paul

      That’s 24k starting. After putting in thousands of hours unpaid work to get to that stage. Their immediate responsibilities are the health of their patients, be they children or adults. Not pushing paper across a desk and calling it a day.

      31k is the average of all registered nurses in Ireland.

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