Meanwhile, In The House Of Commons


Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May takes her first Prime Minister’s Questions of 2019 ahead of MPs voting on her Brexit proposal next Tuesday.

PMQs: Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn on first day of Brexit debate – Politics live (The Guardian)

Commons to get vote on extending Brexit transition if no trade deal by 2020, says May (RTÉ News)

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9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The House Of Commons

    1. realPolithicks

      Extraordinary stuff, they don’t have a single clue among the lot of them…scary really.

  1. Eoin

    I wonder what a British Civil War in 2019 would look like? An echo of the Arab Spring revolutions with protests organised on social media? Protesters storming a parliament which they believe betrayed (their vote or their perception of the wellbeing of the country) them and undermined democracy? Vast security response which ultimately splinters? Riots, arson, looting and widespread unpoliced criminality, blocked roads, neighbourhood checkpoints? Curfews, arrests of key political figures? Assassinations? Balkanisation of the UK and of England?

    At present, the future of the UK is in the hands of the MPs in parliament and it is unprecedented chaos.

    I wonder how long before others tear that power out of MPs hands. I wonder if the establishment in Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Syria thought the idea of a violent revolution was fantasy.

    1. milk teeth

      No way a revolution would be allowed to happen in a nuclear state. US troops on the streets before you could blink.

      1. Cian

        The US is heading towards their own revolution – if they don’t cop on and restart government and pay 800,000 government employees.

        1. scottser

          they had enough resources on tap to fine wayne rooney after his drunken rant. so they’ll be grand.

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