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  1. Eoin

    The Telegraph says the draft Brexit deal is a threat to British national security and should be rejected.
    The Guardian says a no-deal Brexit would cut GDP by 8% and want the draft Brexit deal ratified.
    The Independent and Times say Theresa May is reaching out to the Tories’ arch enemies in the unions (the Shinners are probably next on her dialling list).
    Jeremy Corbyn wants a general election now which would necessitate the UK seeking a delay.
    And the Express says one of the most senior Tories in government is calling Labour’s position on Brexit a load of “b******s” (it should be said the pro-Remain speaker parks his own car at the House of Commons, bearing the bumper sticker, “Brexit is b********s”).

    Enjoy the mild January, MPs. The public, or at least one side or the other of the two extremes, will be demanding your heads on spikes in 77 days. Not figuratively.

  2. SOQ

    Pretty sure most sick women have more important things to be thinking about the birth sex of their hospitalised neighbourhood.

    What’s with that gender segregation anyways?

    1. topsy

      It’s not surprising from you, however unsurprisingly many women appreciate some their privacy and dignity when in a hospital ward.

      1. SOQ

        And men don’t? I know of one gym where there is at least a dozen lockable booths in the men’s changing room and private showers for that very same reason.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Here’s the deal.. women need safe space.. because men attack them.. men rape them, grope them, belittle them.. when a woman can confidently walk any street at any time of day or night come back to me.. meantime, toilets, hospital wards, changing rooms, are private.. and I don’t care how anyone ‘identifies’ cock and sack.. men’s room for you..

      1. SOQ

        But there already is mixed wards in some hospitals, perhaps not by deign but it certainly is happening. And what about post op transsexuals? Are they to be segregated too?

      2. SOQ

        Oh and as for being attacked, raped, groped and belittled or not being able to confidently walking down the street, I pretty sure most trans people can recall all such with regularity. They are group with the highest hate crime record in the country after all.

        1. Junkface

          In America or Ireland? Has this been widely reported in Ireland? I’m never sure whether people are quoting American points of view or experiences and applying them globally or not.

  3. Giggidygoo

    ‘Out-of-touchitis’ says Caroline O’Doherty in the Examiner. A poor attempt at explaining the Boy Harris. Out of touch? No.

    – unqualified for the position of Health Minister. Yes
    – incapable of performing the job of Health Minister. Yes
    – immature. Yes
    – continuation of Noonan and FGs consistent approach of kicking people while they’re down. Yes

    Out of touch – no. He knows very well the situation. However stroking dogs and photo shoots are higher up his list of priorities.

  4. Eoin

    Remember SAVI 2? The new study of sexual violence in Ireland? Rape crisis centre people and their fair weather political friends wanted €1 million to fund a new study. The Dept of Justice is giving the CSO €150,000 for the study which will be published in 2023 and every 10 years afterwards.

    The rape crisis industry will not be happy, they will have been hoping to get a huge financial contribution for its own study. The govt has correctly given the report over to the CSO. Just a pity it will take 5 years to produce the first report.

    This is SAVI 1, which was published in 2002. http://www.drcc.ie/savi-report/

      1. Eoin

        It’s good there’s going to be a new general survey about sexual violence which is underreported in official statistics, and hopefully the new report can inform policy responses and reduce the risk of sexual violence and better address the needs of victims. Celebrate that for a start.

        It will cost €150,000, not the €1 million sought by the rape crisis people and their friends. Celebrate that, along with the commitment to repeat the survey every decade, rather than the two decades since the last survey.

        The only cause for not celebrating is the fact it will take five years to do the first survey. Couldn’t it be done in 2019?

        1. millie st murderlark

          Thanks. I think I must have misread your comment, or misunderstood the tone of it maybe. Either way, thanks for clarifying. Happy Friday :)

  5. Johnny

    Mnuchin cleared his schedule,was made wait an hour Eoin,then told his presentation and answers were rubbish.
    Is this the hill he’s picking ?
    ‘In a 90-minute classified briefing with both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, explained the administration’s decision to lift sanctions on three companies controlled by Mr. Deripaska: EN+, Rusal and JSC EuroSibEnergo. He told lawmakers that the White House played no formal role in the decision and denied that the Treasury Department’s political appointees overruled career officials on the matter, according to lawmakers who attended the briefing.‘

    1. Eoin

      Looks like the motion of disapproval (which would reverse the decision to lift sanctions against Rusal) isn’t a runner.

      Funny though, the Rusal share price hasn’t recovered anything like its value before the threat of sanctions last April, it’s still down more than 50% and indeed is only up 15% since the decision by Mnuchin last month to lift sanctions.

      Deripaska remains sanctioned, but the US treasury believes him (Deripaska) and his *commitments* to place his stake in Rusal into a blind trust? That’s quite amazing. You sanction someone personally for being a gangster, (that’s a characterisation of the US grounds for personal sanctions “there are also allegations that Deripaska bribed a government official, ordered the murder of a businessman, and had links to a Russian organized crime group.”) but you accept his word of honour that, in the future, he will place his controlling stake in a company in a trust. Imagine applying that logic to Saddam Hussein, Maduro, Escobar.

      1. Cian

        If you look at China Hongqiao Group – Rusal’s main competitor in the aluminium market – their stock has gone from 8.50 in April to 4.76 today; so it too has lost 45% since April.

        The price of aluminium peaked in April last year at €2100/ton now it’s €1,600

      2. johnny

        oh its still on the table Eoin….

        “We’ll see,” Pelosi replied when asked whether she would consider a resolution of disapproval to block the removal of sanctions.”


        Cian-its really about the 450 jobs in Limerick-not my area but Eoin has been following/commenting on it.The Dems basically humiliated Mnuchin,by keeping him waiting an hour and then trashing his presentation,they completely undermined him and rocked his world-which was the plan:)

        Looks like POTUS will declare a ‘national emergency’,the resistance within the GOP to has delayed it,siphoning funds approved by for real disasters (wildfires Cali,flooding Texas),then order the military to start building it, using military eminent domain (CPO powers) but reopen the govt.

        – today hundreds thousands govt workers did not receive their pay-

        For Josepha Madigan fans, she was in New York yesterday wandering around the Irish Rep which once again is running some O’Casey plays from the 1920’s.

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