Infographics of the EC’s findings on Ireland’s tax dealings with Apple (top) and (above) the EC’s investigation of Nike and the Netherlands

This morning.

Almost two and a half years on from the European Commission finding that Ireland gave illegal tax benefits, under EU state aid rules, to Apple worth up to €13billion…

The EU Commission has announced that it has started an investigation into Nike and the Netherlands – to see if the Netherlands has given Nike an unfair advantage over its competitors, in breach of EU state aid rules.

State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into tax treatment of Nike in the Netherlands (EU Commission)

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9 thoughts on “Dutch Do It

  1. Junkface

    This is what is worng at the heart of Economics in the Western world. Super rich companies pay no tax, the working class never get any breaks. In fact they get punished. The game is rigged for all to see and the populations have begun voting for Populist, anti-establishment parties because they want a fairer deal. Big business greed and Billionaires are pushing the world towards Fascism. It always comes down to money, no matter which country you’re talking about.

  2. postmanpat

    go android or windows .You cant torrent anything on an Apple phone anyway. and if you can torrent , everything is FREE!!!!!! Normal plebs don’t need the security that the likes investigative journalist need from Iphones. If the public stop buying Apple products then they will have LESS money & power to corrupt the tax system, at the moment they are too big to fail and its all the consumers fault. No amount of boring illustrated maps that look like something from allied WWII campaign propaganda is ever going to change that. If you don’t like Apple /Facebook/ Google paying negative tax and draining public funds then just stop using them. Let them take there beanbags and fruit bowl to another country. It will only be a loss to politicians and uber rich who only care about the stock price, for the rest of us? who cares?

    1. Junkface

      I don’t think that will work. Everyone needs jobs. Every country bar a couple want these huge companies providing empployment for thousands. We need politicians and leaders to grow some spine and not let big tech dictate everything. If all countries and leaders agree not to let themselves be bullied by them then there’s a chance they would behave in a more reasonable way. At the moment they just hold a gun to their heads threatening to move to another country. They are using the infastructure paid for by the tax payers to make their billions. Its dysfunctional and cannot last without catastrophe.

      1. postmanpat

        “Creating Job” from the mouths of transnational monsters is a euphemism for ‘Corporate Profits’ . And the government isn’t be bullied by these companies , the politicians are being bought off. Its pretty simple. Less tax equals more profit equals higher stock price. “Here’s a free Apple. Look after my company and that Apple will be worth triple in X years.”. I say, let them move to another country . They do nothing for us. it will be the new country’s loss, the new country’s crocked politicians gain sure, but 99.99% the rest of the countries populations loss , if they are paying negative tax then everyone is taking a hit, I don’t care about a thousand Apple square eyed insects losing there jobs. We will all be better off in the long run. Your job creation argument is false. That’s the first argument a company will make. The second augment will be ” it benefits everyone for these companies to be successful because your pension relies on it” but that only works if you think you will ever live long enough to enjoy retirement in a world were the retirement age is going up higher than the average life span. Most of us are going to die traveling into work at 70. ALL of these tech companies will fail eventually and if you are all in , you will lose everything, if your savvy enough you can game the bankruptcy system and hide your assets and the plebs , once again will cover the tab with new USCs and the retirement age increased again, Democracy and 21st century capitalism are not compatible. A shock to Apple / Facebook/ Google from consumers turning there backs on the next gismo that looks and acts the same as the last doodad is the only thing that will snap people out of it. Never mind, the next “bendy” screen phone will have the saps in awe …for 5 minutes .., and the 3rd generation of twisty screens will blow everyone away in Q3 of 2020.!! Never mind that the materials are mined by Indian/African slaves from African territories annexed to China. I’m going to book my ticked to hear Zuckerburgs talk about how facebook is increasing the human life span to 110 years and how we can all work into our 90’s, go its all okay.

        1. rotide

          You really are a special type.

          Google employ four thousand people here in Dublin. That’s four thousand jobs that weren’t here 15 years ago. That’s 4000 people paying tax to the govt and spending their money in the local economy. You also need to read up on the different types of taxes that you are lumping into one. They’re not all the same. Google and Apple pay tax here in Ireland, the issue was the taxes on units sold in other countries. Taxes that Ireland would never have been in receipt of.

          There’s certainly a discussion to be had about corporations getting richer and the average working man getting poorer, but that conversation can’t happen untill you at least get your basic facts right comrade.

    2. rotide

      “go android
      “If you don’t like Apple /Facebook/Google paying negative tax and draining public funds then just stop using them”

      It takes some amount of ignorance to contradict yourself in a single paragraph, but you managed it. Congratulations.

      1. postmanpat

        My android phone was bought second hand and it was a flagship top of the line Samsung 1.5 years ago but some insecure yuppie sold it to a used phone shop so he could get the next one. It does what every other phone does. And I torrent everything so I have never paid I tunes for any music or videos . So really I haven’t given Google or Apple any money. I get it rotide, your a tech groupie. You probably admire Steve Jobs and hold him up as some kind of deity . You’ll probably send your kids to ‘coderdojo’ of something sad like that. you use a Minion from Despicable me as your avatar. that’s all I need to know about you. Go back to your apple tv. you should watch The secret life of pets. its right up your alley.

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