To Be The Queen


This afternoon.

Universal Pictures presents Sinéad Burke in conversation with Saoirse Ronan.

Streaming LIVE above at 3pm.

Sandra Houlihan writes:

This intimate chat will lead with the themes within Mary Queen of Scots and the insights it reveals

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11 thoughts on “To Be The Queen

  1. scottser

    bodger, there is more to life than saoirse ronan. now get outside and kick a ball around or something, and clean up all them tissues from under your bed while you’re at it.

  2. Eoin

    Actress actively promotes movie she’s in ahead of its opening in Ireland shocker (Spoiler alert, Saoirse loses her head).

    I wonder how Remainers/Leavers will view the movie. It’s a reminder of a time when major differences between very polite smile-and-wave Brits were sorted out with violence and decapitation. If I were the BBFC I’d be tempted to ban it.

  3. SOQ

    Depends on the soap.

    Without channelling the most influential woman in recent British history(Anita Roddick), do you really want to be washing yourself with dead animal fats?

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