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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Hillarious that the Irish Heil on Sunday is having an eppy about women suffering “misogynistic exclusion”. Isn’t that part of their own charter?

  2. Mickey Twopints

    For those interested in the history of the Belgian Congo, the item on the front page of The Observer leads to fresh commentary on the (disputed) involvement of Belgian mercenary pilot Jan van Risseghem in the 1961 death of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld.


  3. Eoin

    Nice to see the #2 in the Kinahan organised crime gang has been arrested in the UK after he flew into Birmingham from “a Middle Eastern country [says RTE’s Paul Reynolds]”

    Anyone want to have a, em, stab at what “Middle Eastern country”?

    Maybe you, ex-president Mary Robinson, I’d bet you’d know.

    Or you, €300,617 #marian at loss-making RTE, I’d bet you’d know, after all, you had that lengthy chat with the wife of the ruler of that country. And doesn’t #Marian regularly bemoan the killings by the Kinahans?

    Does anyone else find it strange that the Maktoums allow the Kinahans operate from Dubai? After all, isn’t Islam/sharia fairly strict on the auld drug trafficking? Maybe the Maktoums, the autocratic rulers of a country with a vast secret service, aren’t familiar with the reputation of their Irish guests.

    According to the Sunday Times today “Yesterday’s arrests form part of a serious international investigation into the cartel, which is led by Christy Kinahan*, involving police in Ireland, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States.”

    But not the police in Dubai??????

    There’s a prize for the first Irish journalist who turns up at any of the various estates and stud farms owned by the Maktoums in Ireland and asks these questions.

    * Christy Kinahan, resident of …… Dubai.

  4. Eoin


    (almost) exclusively press releases and opinion platforms

    Does anyone know if the mysterious Enda O’Coineen has got all the “customary approvals which we are confident will be met” which he mentioned 6 September 2018 when announcing the purchase of the SBP. In November last, a FOI request at the Competition Authority for any correspondence from Enda or Kilcullen yielded …. precisely nothing.

  5. Eoin

    Which of the seven Brexit options looks likeliest today?

    Look at the British papers (including the Sunday Times Ireland) and the predicted outcomes are, using the outcome numbering below, (1)/(7) Express (3) Times (5) Indo (6) Guardian/Telegraph. On Friday, sterling got an usual boost because of (4).

    The UK is literally disintegrating before our eyes and the rubber WILL meet the road in the next 75 days.

    (1) Adopt current draft withdrawal agreement (2) attempt renegotiation with EU of current draft withdrawal agreement (3) Cancel Article 50 notice to leave (4) Seek agreement to extend Article 50 notice to leave (5) Hold a second Brexit referendum (6) Call general election (7) No-deal Brexit crash-out

    1. SOQ

      1. Is a non runner by all accounts.
      2. Has already to some extent and EU won’t budge.
      3. Won’t happen, at least for now, because the country is so divided.
      4. Most likely, especially as they may have already ran out of prep time.
      5. Quite likely but not just yet.
      6. All depends on if Labour can go for the kill this week in which case 4 is a definite and 5 very likely.
      7. No. HP will block it.

      1. Mickey Twopints

        “7. No. HP will block it.”

        In what way can they block it? Option 7 is the default setting. If they continue to squabble and fight one another they’ll arrive at the end of March with no deal negotiated, and will/must therefore “crash” out, i.e. a disorderly Brexit as the Germans like to call it.

        1. SOQ

          They can call for an extension at anytime before then and it will be granted because the EU don’t want them crashing out either.

          HP have already insisted on a plan B and pretty sure there is more moves a foot to thwart it. This is a minority government after all.

          1. Mickey Twopints

            I understand that (at least I think I do) but “they” can’t call for an extension unless there’s a parliamentary majority support for it. Do you see that happening? I don’t.

          2. SOQ

            I see extraordinary things happening to prevent an extraordinary situation from occurring, Once the impact of being out the EU with no deal is felt, the blow back from the general public will wipe half of them out, and they know it.

  6. Giggidygoo

    3 + 6 in my view. If those happen, No. 3 will not be revisited. (Referendums in the UK aren’t legally binding? The Government doesn’t have to succumb to carrying out the wishes of those who voted in the referendum?)

  7. bisted

    …I expect May will resign immediately after her deal is rejected…after that, as she says herself, it’s unknown territory…

    *popcorn* or *fudge*

    1. SOQ

      If so, does a GE automatically kick in or will they try and replace her? Mind you, she has a neck like a jockey’s backside so it wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to hang on.

      1. Liam

        Yeah, I don’t think she’ll resign, they’ll be prising her fingertips off the No. 10 door frame.

  8. Shayna

    What was up with Clodagh McKenna in her cooking segment on C4’s “Sunday Brunch” this morning? I would put her whirlwind performance down as over-tiredness/elation/caffeine/gin – a tad mad on it, even?

    1. Martco

      its not the first time
      go find her last outing on the aforementioned Sunday Brunch, was even worse
      was utterly bats (and not in a good way)

      1. Shayna

        I once was in my aunt’s kitchen, along with some cousins, a single bat was flying about – total mayhem. Bats is never in a good way.

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      She’s a fairly nervy person, I’ve always felt. I didn’t see the show but i knew her back when she was a young wan.

  9. Stan

    The Sun on Sunday here has a classic. Pic of BJ with his new squeeze from behind as she pinches his bum. The Headline? ‘Boris’ Lover Tweaks his Backstop’

  10. david

    I am a rude ignorant bully. I have been asked by the owners of this site to stop commenting but I won’t.

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