What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season



This morning.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Brown Thomas unveiled the Spring Summer 2019 International Designer Collections – cargo pants, short shorts, the Scotland football association home kit and thick wedge heels –  with models, above from left: Paula Pancer, Aine O’Gorman, Louise Byrne and Maria Traynor.

The new season brings the “hottest, most exciting new ready-to-wear brands” including Jil Sanders, Umbro, Comme Des Garcon Girl and O’Neill’s GAA county sportswear Kenzo.


 Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

32 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Yis can fupp right off with that “popsocks as visible outerwear” trend. Popsocks are the devil.

    1. kellMA

      Dara O Briain does a funny sketch on these. Stockings sexy; pop socks not. Points to his knees and says “this is where the sexy stops”.

  2. Iwerzon

    I popped into BT one morning last year and asked a middle aged, be-suited man with false tan if they stocked Fred Perry polo shirts. I couldn’t actually believe the look he gave me (actually in retrospect I should have) when he suggest I check Sports Direct and walked away leaving me hanging. I may have knocked over a neatly arranged pile of Ralph Lauren on the way out.

    1. Rob_G

      “… Fred Perry polo shirts”

      – must remember not to get into a disagree with you in the comments again – I wouldn’t want you ‘calling around my manor, guv’nor’.

    2. Paulus

      It is worth going in occasionally to see what a strange parallel universe exists in there.
      Life Jim; but not as we know it – or would want to.

  3. Shayna

    I’m not getting it? I was stopped on the street – in Belfast, more than a couple of times by women who told me that they loved my outfit? I don’t leave my house in an outfit – I simply throw on clothes, always with a hat??

      1. SOQ

        Speaking of which, who dressed Mairead McGuinness for that C4 interview a few minutes ago?

        They should be taken out and whipped, or if they are into that sort of thing (which I suspect they are), given a good stern talking to.

        The state of her. Hair never turned up obviously.

  4. Joe

    Prob enough material in that grannies kitchen blouse for at least 3 blouses. That coat must be inspired by Columbos ill fitting coat, horrific stuff.

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