‘A Day Of Mixed Emotions’


Dr Sindy Joyce with her doctorate at the University of Limerick yesterday


At the University of Limerick.

Dr Sindy Joyce became the first member of the Traveller community in Ireland to receive a PhD.

The university spoke to Dr Joyce after her graduation…

Dr Sindy Joyce (Academia.edu)

Dr Sindy Joyce

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18 thoughts on “‘A Day Of Mixed Emotions’

  1. kellMA

    Congratulations Sindy and all the best for your future. Lots of young traveller girls will be positively impacted by this. What an achievement…..

    1. ivan

      Fair Play, Dr Sindy.

      My other half has done a bit of work with travellers (I don’t pretend this comment to be hardcore empirical analysis of data btw ) and the major thing she took from it was that there’s a significant pressure against travellers in general, and traveller women in particular getting educated, and the pressure comes from within the community. I’m sure external prejudices don’t help either, mind. If Dr Joyce’s conferring goes in any way to change this, then it would be great for the general community and the travelling community in particular.

      If it doesn’t, that’ll be unfortunate but shouldn’t take from her achievement.

      *bualadh bos*

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Congratulations Dr Joyce. Hopefully, in a few short years, this will be the new norm, rather than an exception.

  3. anne

    “Went to Medjugorge last year & met a lovely NI group who flew out from Belfast. They told us there were a load of travellers on their plane, which was delayed, because when it was ready for take-off the Police boarded & removed all travellers from the flight. Apparently, they had robbed the Duty-Free & every other shop in the Airport blind!!!”

    These are some of the comments on the Facebook Independent article.


    Headed out to Medjugorge for a few prayers n a bit of robbing…as ya do.

      1. anne

        Soz.. no offence to Dr Joyce.

        If one of their own wants to be a serious role model, they have to start being honest with the problems within.. again no offence to the good Doctor. The post is somewhat about the “community” no? If not, I’ll just leave it at saying fair play then.

  4. Johnny Keenan

    I saw Sir Bob Geldof (humanitarian) and Marian Keys (writer) acknowledged with their token doctorates from University Of Limerick on RTE News last night.

    While at the same graduation ceremony a woman who actually studied human rights at the university and works daily to highlight the plight was not featured.
    What an amazing achievement for Dr Sindy Joyce who became the first member of the Irish traveling community to earn a PHD in human rights, only to be completely ignored by the national broadcaster. It speaks volumes.

    Either RTE News have an agenda against a good news traveler story or their news room are incapable of doing their job.
    They have the rest of the week to make amends.
    I’d expect Dr Joyce to be given a 30 minute interview on the national broadcaster flagship Programme Late Late this Friday.
    It’s the least that can be done to move things forward in the current climate where ignorance and tensions are rampant.

    Information Is Knowledge
    Knowledge Is Power
    Power To The Peaceful

    I since heard Dr Joyce interviewed on Drivetime. I’m presuming I’m not the first person today to call out #RteBias

    1. Andrew

      So you’re complaining that RTE didn’t interview her and demanding she be interviewed on the Late Late Show but you now concede she was in fact interviewed.
      Are you permanently indignant on other people’s behalf?
      Hopefully Dr. Joyce can challenge the human rights abuses inflicted on her ‘community’ and the wider community by her own community. She can be a real agent for change.

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