Taste The Madness


Keano writes:

“This Irish man decided to taste the madness and tension of the Parliament Square Brexit protests in London as they reached a peak this Monday on Brexit vote day.

“The first ten mins here summarise 12 hours within Brexit Ground Zero, where I encountered Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg amongst the crazy mix of God4brexit, Brexit2Mars, several unicorns, and the Brexit Grim Reaper.”

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10 thoughts on “Taste The Madness

  1. Rob_G

    35 minutes!!


    I wish Russia Today would give the Viper a bit more of that Kremlin money, I’d say he would have had good craic with this.

    1. f_lawless

      Here’s a left wing, pro-Brexit case against a second referendum for some balance!

      A Labour party in power but still within the EU as it stands – effectively controlled by Germany and renowned for its neo-liberal rule-making – has no realistic chance of implementing its socialist program as it directly contradicts EU treaties in numerous ways.
      “In this context, opting for a second referendum hoping to undo the first and remain in the EU would be a catastrophic political move not just for the Labour Party but for Britain as a whole. Once carried out, it would come to undermine the entire socialist programmatic base of the new Labour Party that not only this country but the entire Europe needs so much; further, it would signify an unacceptable humiliation for Britain and the British people, while giving hopes for survival in an already disintegrating European project (just look at Italy, Greece and the rise of neo-fascist and racist movements across the continent, the result of the ordoliberal austerity imposed by Germany).”

  2. Iwerzon

    It reminds me of that bit in the film Independence Day when all the crazies gather on the roof of the sky scrapers to welcome their new alien overlords. I seem to remember that also didn’t go as planned.

    1. Nigel

      Good comparison, though they were rather sweet and hopeful (and therefore doomed by cinematic convention) which this lot are…. not.

  3. FRO Films

    a chairde,

    thanks fr your comments. My next video tomorrow will show four debates between sets of Leave v Remain protesters. Some heated, and some actually explored a tiny sliver of common ground.

    Slán go fóill,

    1. rotide

      A word of advice, a lot more people might watch your videos if they are less feature length. 35 minutes will just put people off from pressing play. Hell, FIVE minutes puts people off these days.

  4. FRO Films


    thanks for that, its a fair comment and its something I have thought about.
    I have a series of videos which I restricted to 60 seconds or less; those were mostly comedy sketches.
    Now I have a mix of those shorter snappy ones and longer ones (usually covering current affairs).
    This one is long, but as I mentioned in the intro, its structured so that the first minute has a bitesize summary, the first 10 minutes has an overview of the whole day of BrexitVote day. In the YouTube Description, I also have the timeline of events broken out so that people can jump into various points, for instance, where one protester declares that he will relocate to Mars if Brexit proceeds.
    I agree with you that some audiences will watch up to 5 minutes, some may watch longer, particularly I think in the future as people want a retrospective on the madness of these heady days of Brexit chaos; did that really happen? What was the atmosphere on the streets?
    Thanks for watching and for your suggestion.

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