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Keano writes:

“This Irish man decided to taste the madness and tension of the Parliament Square Brexit protests in London as they reached a peak this Monday on Brexit vote day.

“The first ten mins here summarise 12 hours within Brexit Ground Zero, where I encountered Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg amongst the crazy mix of God4brexit, Brexit2Mars, several unicorns, and the Brexit Grim Reaper.”

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Last night.

Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly tweetz:

Up to 10c tomorrow and that could be the last time we see temperatures in double digits for a good while. Trending cooler from Wednesday as we finally start to see some proper winter weather!


Carlow Weather guy Alan O’Reilly tweetz:

“The Stratosphere is warming again, what impact that may have on our weather remains uncertain but the signals for a possible colder end to the month continue.”

Carlow Weather (Facebook)