From the the official State book to commemorate Ireland’s first Dáil 100 years ago

The Poet Geoff writes:

I was asked to write the poem to commemorate the first Dáil in Ireland by The Lord Mayor. It was a real joy and a privilege to have been asked to create for the occasion. I hope you enjoy it. I thought you might like this given the day that’s in it.

The Poet Geoff

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6 thoughts on “January 1919

  1. johnny

    -nice work and congrats Geoff,enjoyed it and thanks for posting this Bodger,on the day that’s in it.

  2. scottser

    it’s missing a verse. you know the one about being raped and sold by the clergy, being mugged by successive governments to pay off their cronies, sold out by the courts and being made homeless to sustain the profits of the landlords and vulture funds.

  3. Eoin

    21 January 2019 also saw the first shots fired in the War of Independence when two Royal Irish Constabulary (the boyos who massacred spectators at the original Bloody Sunday) were sent to their heavenly reward.

    Is there an 8 ft statute being installed on the Green?

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