Meanwhile, In The Blue Light



Ann-Marie writes:

I’m writing on behalf of a bunch of concerned customers at The Blue Light pub [Sandyford, Dublin 18].

A little girl about 4 years old, was in The Blue Light Pub in Dublin yesterday with her parents and she had a teddy with her. She said even though he was small and old (a bit tatty I thought) that she loved him most of all. Her parents confirmed that he was indeed her favourite.

However, when they left I found teddy under a seat! He had fallen down while they were getting coats etc.

I shared it on The Blue Light Facebook’s page, and over 200 people have shared it too but we haven’t heard from her parents.

He’s still lost, and although he’s having a nice time with the customers by the turf fire and listening to music, he would very much like to go home to his little girl


The Blue Light (Facebook)

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  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Lots of people fall for that old line, “she loved him most of all” followed by her dumping him.

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