Make Corrib Safer


Robert Murray; The River Corrib at Galway city.

Sita O’Driscoll writes:

Just two days ago I published a petition: “Make the River Corrib Safer – Lets Save Some Lives“. following my friend Rob Murray falling in the river – he still has not been found and searches are ongoing. Almost 15.000 people signed  in just one day.

Sadly he is not the only one, it happens very regularly, I do not know the figures, but I do live next to the river and hear the rescue helicopter searching for people very frequently.

We lose numerous lives in the River Corrib – one of Europe’s fastest flowing rivers. Some fall, slip in an often intoxicated state, others choose to get/jump in there themselves- but often it is a spur of the moment decision. There is no way out, no way back..

Most cities around the world have safety ladders along rivers, so people can get out. The River Corrib has none, it is like falling into lava..

People need to be able to get out if they fall and to be able to change their mind if they are trying to end their lives. Currently there is no hope of getting out.

We need some safety measures put in place right now, enough is enough, too many lives have been lost prematurely.

The kind volunteers that stand out on Saturday night are not enough. The situation is so bad, that people have to stand guard, in order to stop people. But that simply is not enough.. Every year a lot of people die in this river, that needs to end.

Make the River Corrib Safer – Let’s Save Some Lives (

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7 thoughts on “Make Corrib Safer

  1. Junkface

    Very sad news, the poor guy. That river is wild and dangerous. Its the fastest flowing river going through a town I’ve ever seen. RIP

  2. Joe Small

    In Limerick there are volunteer night patrols on the banks of the Shannon to help people who may be contemplating the worst. There are slips and some ladders on the Shannon but the sudden shock of the icy cold water and the strong currents can make it nearly impossible to get to the water’s edge.

  3. Lilly

    Condolences to Rob’s family, friends and neighbours. What a sad, sad loss. I hope you get to bring him home soon.

  4. Ads

    Same thing in the Dodder. The great minds in the council refused to put ladders there because kids might climb down them.

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