13 thoughts on “Hello There

  1. Eoin

    What’s the crude redaction around the edges? Stage hands who wandered into the shot? Footprints? Fluffy the cat attending the NASA bring-your-pet-to-work day?

        1. pedeyw

          The instrument deployment camera is made to take pretty close up shots to aid instrument deployment. It can’t take wide shot of the entire lander because it’s attached to it and can’t get far enough away, hence the need for a mosaic including the black block down the bottom where the camera is attached to it (it’s a blind spot).

          1. Boj

            That’s a fair enough explanation cheers, but my question still stands. It’s not like this feature would cost trillions to develop…I have one here in my pocket. Strap it to an extendable aerial from my old boombox and off we go with the rover selfies. These space lads really know how to keep themselves in a job.

          2. pedeyw

            I guess cos it would serve no real purpose other than being a selfie camera and when you take into consideration that it costs about $20k to send 1kg into space, you can see whey they wouldn’t.

        2. Rob_G

          You realise how much we take for granted all of the incredible technology around us when people are nitpicking about a photo that a robot managed to take of itself on Mars

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