This afternoon.

Damn you, Academy.


The Oscar nominations have been announced in the US, with Irish co-production The Favourite tying for the most nominations with 10 – including one for cinematographer Robbie Ryan – and the Irish short films Late Afternoon and Detainment also among the nominees.

Great day for Irish among Oscar nominees (RTÉ)

14 thoughts on “Robbed

  1. Junkface

    Its mad how many Oscar nominated films Alfonso Cuaron has so far. Is it just me, or are his films purely one watch films? I’ve never had a desire to watch any of his movies more than once. They are well made, beautifully shot, with a traumatic story line, but there’s always something frustrating or depressing about them. Or something is missing. I watched Roma over Christmas and it was very well acted and all but still meh…I knew after 30 mins the way it might end. Observational style, barely dialogue films I guess

  2. Baz

    Melissa McCarthy may win, Hollywood needs a reverse from the Trump derangement syndrome cul de sac its driven itself.

    and in fairness, she is entertaining, can carry any roll I have seen her in and is very likable. I watched movies she is in that I would not have sat through otherwise. She is an enigma.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Honestly, McCarthy is just making up the numbers. Colman and Close will be duking it out and Close will probably get it because she’s overdue a win.

  3. Frilly Keane

    well I’ve watched all those performances and tbh
    Lady Gaga is my stand out, I think she really made a new role out’ve a remake.

    Whereas I have no clue how the jaysus Bradley Cooper made the shortlist with his Kristofferson imitation
    One performance in A Star is born that totally stood out for me was Dice as her dad Lorenzo, and way more deserving of a nom than Sam Elliott

    Olivia Coleman, who I really like as an actress, fair play she got the call up with a spot on the short-list, but she has had far better roles than this one in The Favourite

    btw, anyone else surprised at the lack of Mary Poppins remake noms.
    I think I’ve counted 1 this time
    twas like 12 or 13 – in that region anyway last time with Julie Andrews

    1. dan

      Lady Gaga’s performance is really not at the races compared to Glen Closes. She’s a great singer with good agent but Close’s performance was masterful. Dice was great, Cooper’s drunk cowboy impersonation was awful. The whole film was a bit of a poopy pants show tbh.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Robbie Ryan’s been nominated – for cinematography. Forget Ronan – still cutting her teeth in my view.

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