Backstop To The Future



Brexit: No change to backstop, Ireland insists (BBC)

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10 thoughts on “Backstop To The Future

  1. ReproBertie

    The Backstop was not considered a big deal by the Sasamachs when it was first agreed to because they fully believed they could just ignore it. They thought it was just a bunch of meaningless mumbo jumbo to allow them get to the next phase of the talks. Basically, they expected to be able to lie to the EU27 negotiators and do what they wanted anyway.

    [The teaboy] said he believed at the time that the December 2017 declaration was a “convenient fiction” and “a form of words to be endured” to allow talks progress, and that he never thought it should be implemented. –

  2. Alex Francis

    No negotiation we say. No concessions. And so it has fallen to us.
    Plucky Ireland will force the English hand to a no deal exit. They’ll thank us warmly for that.
    How shameful.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Pretty sure it was the Brits who voted for this collosal mess. We didn’t ‘force’ the Brits into anything.

      They’re the ones who wet the bed. Not our fault they don’t like the smell…

      1. ReproBertie

        All this plus they have the option of accepting the deal they negotiated and then moving on to negotiate a trade deal which removes the need for a backstop. That was the intent when the backstop was added in 2017.

        It’s easier to blame someone else for their mess though.

    2. The Old Boy

      No negotiation with a party who are about to violate unilaterally an international peace treaty that brought decades of bloody violence to an end and to which they are signatories? Damn right.

      So long as Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom, the Good Friday Agreement implicitly makes the UK’s continuing membership of the EU one of the UK’s international obligations to Ireland. This was pointed out repeatedly in advance of the referendum and dismissed out of hand by Brexit supporters. Nevertheless, the UK decided to hold a referendum which was in part on whether to continue to honour one of its key diplomatic obligations to its nearest neighbour. I see no point in negotiating an agreement with a party that has just decided to sh*t all over the last major agreement you negotiated.

  3. Shayna

    There was a vote, democracy et al? Scotland, Wales, the top bit of Ireland voted remain. Lest ye forget (sorry, some form of Scottish, Rabbie Burns, I fancy?)
    London voted remain by a 99% majority. Middle England- vetoed! Mrs. May was Pro-Remain, she inherited the PMship from a chinless type – Cameron, who succumbed to Farage.
    It does make one wonder – should I vote? My vote was cast into the ocean along with all the other “Remain” votes.

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